Park the car

There was a large group for a tour at Kearney Mansion this week. It took two tour guides to do it. Another retired educator who does tours for the Historical Society and I were the ones called upon. We can handle crowds.  After I gave the introduction in the foyer, Larry took half of the group and started on the second floor while I showed the other half around the first floor. Then our groups traded places after about 30 minutes.

It worked well and it gave Larry and me a chance to chat which we never get to do since it’s usually just one of us giving a tour. Our paths seldom cross. After finishing the tour and saying goodbye to the tour bus of older adults,  we walked across the porch and out towards the driveway, Larry pointed out to the far parking lot where my car sat, by itself.

“Is that you parked so far out there?”

“Yes, I park as far away as I can because it forces me to walk. It’s the only exercise I get.”

Larry’s car was parked in the driveway, just steps from the porch. “I park as close as I can,” he laughed as he climbed into his Mercedes. I continued to walk out to the parking lot as he passed and waved. Even after getting to my car, I didn’t immediately get in and drive away. I took my phone out of the car and walked some more down the roadway, getting a few pictures of the park. It is so lovely at this time of the year.

So, where do you park? Close or far? I just came home from running errands this morning and both at Target and SaveMart I parked far out in the lot, and in both cases shuttled my shopping cart back to the cart ramps. I get so perturbed by those who leave their cart sitting in the middle of the parking spot. It’s a chance for me to get a little more exercise.

Now I’m headed out to pick up a friend and go to lunch. We’ve not seen one another for months, so lots to catch up on. Due to her health issues, we may have to park closer to where we go for lunch, but I’m going to prompt her to walk (which is good for her heart) a ways is she’s up to it. She may still have a handicapped placard, and if we can find any handicapped spots, may take one. Sometimes it just doesn’t work to park far away, but when I can, I will.


9 responses to “Park the car

  1. I usually park far away, less cars around, easier to park!

    • So true. I always look for a space that I can drive forward into and out. Backing out in parking lots can be very scary. Those spaces are usually in the far corners.

  2. Good f or you! Walk as much as you can

  3. I take any opportunity I can to get exercise in.

  4. You know I take any opportunity to get some steps in. My step counter is always pleased! I like to rack them up. That would be a good topic for a post. Thanks, Delaine! 🙂

    • I don’t have a step counter, but my body knows when it’s not walked enough. I’ve been on the go this morning getting all the yards watered before our 100+ degree day this afternoon. I’m tired so will now sit for awhile.

  5. I park far away in the winter and closer in the summer. Hot, humid weather does a number on me, but parking far away and walking is the way to go.

    • I’m the opposite, if it’s raining. I don’t like to get wet (or be cold) so I park closer in the winter if I’m out on a bad weather day. However, now that I’m retired, should it be too cold or too wet, I just wait until the weather is better to go out. I’m a fair-weather shopper.

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