It’s summer and I’m sad

Summer is usually a favorite season of mine. Long days. Warm temperatures. Yes, we have those, but we also have some troublesome things that just make life a bit sadder.

My grandson Judah has pneumonia. He’s on the mend, but not staying as still as his mother would like. He really needs to be well in a few days for an upcoming trip. His father, my son-in-law, has just gotten sick and Jennifer is concerned it may be lyme disease as he has gotten some tick bites as he is working in forested woodland where the buggers are known to hang out. He also needs to be well for the aforementioned trip.

My blogging buddy, Ronni Bennett, is undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer today. Her prognosis is fair, but who knows with surgeries, especially one so serious. My thoughts and prayers are turned to her as the day progresses.

Our pastor’s younger, and only remaining, brother, died Sunday night of colon cancer in a city halfway across the country. It had been a long, painful road. I was thankful that Pastor Pat could be there, holding his brother’s hand and reading Bible verses to him, but it is still sad for him to have been there all alone while doing it.

A young friend who I worked with at camp all those years ago when Terry and I still had the energy to be camp counselors suddenly died on Sunday. The underlying cause may be her epilepsy, but no word has come down yet as to why she died without warning.

My doctor’s office called yesterday. My recent blood work (after that very lengthy doctor’s appointment) shows I have gout. Or at least the uric acid that causes the symptoms of gout. I will stop taking the diuretic that I’ve taken for a couple of decades and what may be the underlying cause for the uric acid buildup, and start taking a different blood pressure medicine. I hate taking prescription medicines as they don’t usually work well with my system.

The air conditioning in my friend’s house went out just as we started a string of 110 degree days. This is the friend with whom I just had lunch and wrote about last week. She thinks she will have to send her very sick exhusband somewhere if the equipment cannot be quickly repaired. It seems that these devices always break down at the least convenient time.

I have a bright spot to look forward to in this litany of sadness. That trip I mentioned at the beginning is a family trip, all six of us piling in a van and driving to Portland, Oregon, where we have rented a house and my daughter will attend a national church conference, getting to see so many friends. We will play like tourists and have fun, too. I just want everyone healthy and feeling good for it.



13 responses to “It’s summer and I’m sad

  1. That is indeed a lot of sad news all at once. I hope your trip is fun!

  2. Oh my, when it rains, it pours. Aloha from Hawaii.

  3. wow lots of sad news, really hope your vaca goes well.

  4. Dear God, please bring healing to Judah and his Dad, and help Jennifer cope with all of this. Also, please bring healing and peace to Ronni and the pastor. Send the neighbor help with her air conditioner problem and her ill husband and, please let this new medicine help Delaine. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Thank you, Judith. It’s been my prayer today that God heard, heals, and brings refreshment. I’m thrilled to see your prayer on agreement.

  5. Here’s knowing there’s light at the end of this tunnel of disturbing appearances, and all will be well for all concerned.

  6. I hope that all these events will have happy outcomes. I’m sad for those who have lost loved ones, and I too was thinking of Ronni all day long yesterday. I’m sure she’s still in ICU but she’s arranged for a friend to keep us updated online.

  7. Thanks for sharing honestly and being open to receiving good wishes and support from all of us. I’m also one of Ronnie’s readers, among the thousands! May you have a blessed day!

  8. Keeping good thoughts for you SIL, grandson and blogging buddy. That Lyme disease is a strange disease. I don’t know a lot about it, but I know it can be debilitating.

  9. Thinking of you and hope you and those close to you are doing better. I am also a reader of Ronni and read her response to your post. It’s an eye opener how this blogging world connects us.

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