Decadent summer living

It was 90 degrees when I returned home from running errands this morning. Too hot, certainly, to think of cooking or baking anything. I bought all cool foods at the grocery store, and a stack of books at the bookstore. I’m set to live my decadent life of eating and reading under the air conditioner the rest of the week. 

For this morning, I’m having cake with blackberries and starting a book that was written in the 1980s. 


10 responses to “Decadent summer living

  1. Looks perfect for a hot summer’s day! We will be lucky to reach 64 today. I don’t mind a bit. We have a heat wave coming here by the weekend. 🙂

  2. Next you could read PALISADES PARK by Alan Brennert!

    Happy Summer

  3. looks nice! Like an idiot, I’m cooking a turkey on Sat. But supposed to be down to 81 by then. :: fingers crossed ::

  4. cake with blackberries sounds good from here!

  5. I want both the book and the cake, thank you. I did bring home food that needed cooking, but G was kind and we ate out in air conditioned comfort.

  6. This sounds like a wonderful way to spend a summer day. It’s hot here in Hawaii too though not as hot as where you are.

  7. I’m so glad that our prayers are being answered!

  8. Times are tough, so we enjoy life as much as we can.

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