Getting an early start

When asked yesterday, by a friend, when I would be in a certain store today, I told her, “about 8:30 because I am a rare and delicate flower who cannot stand in the heat.” Yesterday, when I came out of Sprouts, with all those groceries, it was already 90 degrees and it wasn’t even 10:30. Sure enough, 105 degrees by early afternoon, topping out at 108 at 5 pm.

I have to start early if I’m going to accomplish much. This morning I was up before 5:30 so I could feed the cats, water the yards, empty the dishwasher, sort laundry and even get a few loads washed. It’s now almost 8 am, and I’ve gotten those chores out of the way. I spent time reading the newspaper, Facebook, and blogs, but now must put on my summer face and make ready to leave the house for a small amount of time. Terry will be gone all day and evening for various meetings. He isn’t as delicate as me.

My son-in-law is still recuperating but we don’t know if he has Lyme disease,  and tiny grandson is improving every day. The doctor said he will have the cough for some time yet. My friend who is taking care of her ex-husband got the air conditioner fixed but had to take the patient to the ER anyway due to his feeding tube coming undone. He will spend some time there as there are other issues. The posts coming from a friend of Ronni Bennett’s gives all of us a feeling of reassurance after her surgery where they were able to remove all of the tumor in her pancreas. Thankful for progress.

More couch time with my books and cake this afternoon.


10 responses to “Getting an early start

  1. I so hope they got ALL of that tumor. Yes, I too am heat challenged, and am heading out in a few minutes.

  2. Terrific. Lots to be grateful for.

  3. Stay cool if you can!

  4. I am also glad to hear that Ronni is recovering from that 14-hour-long surgery. I don’t do well in the heat, either. When it gets to 80 degrees here, I’m uncomfortable. I would be sitting right next to you indoors in that kind of heat. 🙂

  5. So glad there’s some improvement.
    I wilt in the heat, too. I just can’t take it. 105 degrees is horrible.

    • Much cooler this morning, still supposed to be 107 today, but we’ll see. I didn’t feel like I was opening the oven door when I opened the sliding glass door this morning to go out to water the yards. It takes lots of water to keep the yards cool.

  6. It’s always been hot down there. I remember playing sandlot baseball in Bakersfield when it was over 100, but I was a kid then, and it didn’t bother me. We are very lucky with the Hawaii climate, which is almost always pleasant: not too hot and not too cold, with extremes of our town of a low of 62 degrees and a high of 90 (the latter reached only once since we moved here 21 years ago.) It was lovely today.
    I hope your weather moderates soon.

    • I won’t complain about our temperate climate anymore. Heat has always made my brain freeze into zombie.

      Sorry to hear you have troubles surrounding you. Not easy.


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