Hanging out in Oregon

The main reason for the family trip to Oregon was for our daughter to attend the American Baptist biennial conference. The rest of us are just  along for the ride. 

I had three items on my must-do list–go to Powell’s Books, shop at Nordstrom’s, and make a trip out to McMinnville, the small town where Jennifer attended college. I loved McMinnville but we were always in a rush when we brought Jen to school in the fall or when we picked her up in the spring. I never got enough of the quaint downtown. 

Our son-in-law has an aunt and uncle living in McMinnville and they met us at Linfield College and took us to lunch. We sat and talked all afternoon. 

On the left is the aunt and uncle and Terry. On the right is Leeya, Jen, Judah, me, and Chad. 


8 responses to “Hanging out in Oregon

  1. What a nice outing and get together. Love your photos.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful trip.

  3. I grew up in McMinnville, and graduated from Mac High in 1949. The downtown has really changed over the years. Still have some friends there. Love to visit.

  4. Wonderful trip glad it all came together nicely!

  5. So nice to see such a nice small town. Glad you had a chance to visit it for once. 🙂

  6. Lovely photos and walk down memory lane.


  7. What a great time spent with family!! So glad you got to “ride along.”

  8. Places I miss, living over here in Hawaii. Usually we manage a summer road trip to the Mainland, but not this year.

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