A woman of a certain age…can be very popular

I am extremely popular right now. The mail is pouring in. I get phone calls, emails, and twice now, handsome men have come to my door, asking for my hand…wait, not my hand, but rather my medicare gap insurance business!

You see, dear Reader, in just a few weeks I, like many others this year, this month, this week, this day, will turn 65. That magic age for Medicare insurance that the government offers to us (for a fee). It doesn’t cover everything and so one needs another policy (for a fee) that pays for extras and for prescriptions. Big insurance companies have come to the realization that the baby boomers are hitting this magic age at the rate of about 10,000 a day. We are a big market. Well, some of us more so than others.

Insurance companies now have the ability to not only find out your age, your address, your phone number, your email, but also your health condition. They are not big risk takers, you see, but prefer to insure those who will pay lots but cost little. That way, they make BIG profits. I’m one of the those baby boomers who has reached the age of 65 with little to no health issues. No hospitalizations. No surgeries. No prescriptions. I live in a safe neighborhood (so far). I don’t take many risks. No drinking, no drugs, no smoking.  I am their perfect customer. So, the mail, phone calls, and even personal visits are inundating me.

The phone calls I don’t answer. The mail gets tossed. But the personal visits? Those make me laugh. Twice now I have had very distinguished gentlemen show up at my door, literature in hand. Today’s visitor had the name of the company on his polo shirt. I knew what he wanted before he hardly opened his mouth.

“Oh, you’re here about medigap insurance?”

“Why, yes, we are,” before he could do any more than ask if I was Delaine Zody.

“Oh, I won’t be needing that. You see, I have Fresno Unified (they all know that the school district offers the best insurance in the city), and I have Tricare (Terry is retired military and I get to tag on to his insurance, again the best probably in the nation).”

Their faces fall.

“Is there any other insurance needs we can help you with?”

“No, none at all. I’m well covered.”

“Thank you,” as they turn and walk off the porch.

Terry, a few years older than me, wonders why he didn’t get this much attention when he turned 65. He did get some of the mail, but the insurance companies hadn’t realized, then, what a money-maker they had on their hands. He was at the beginning of the baby boom. Now, each year, he is inundated with medigap mailings, but like me, he just tosses them out. Like me, he too is well covered. We feel very fortunate to have these two avenues of good health insurance when we know there are many who don’t.



15 responses to “A woman of a certain age…can be very popular

  1. Sounds like you need a sticker in the window “Covered by Fresno Unified and Tricare” to fend them off. And if you think you’re popular now, next will be mail from the electric scooter folks, but at least they won’t come knocking.

  2. I have excellent insurance, too, which I found by research, back in the dinosaur age. I urged people to look into it. One didn’t, and now pays a penalty for delaying three years. I suppose that doesn’t happen now.
    I’d like to hit the electric scooter list.

  3. I was happy to go on Medicare. We have excellent gap coverage that my husband’s former company reimburses us for. Everyone should have access to healthcare. We are very lucky.

    • I have mixed feelings about Medicare. I will be paying more for that than I did for my insurance through the district, but at 65 we must go over to Medicare and the district’s coverage is the gap insurance. Fortunately, I get a small Social Security pension, unlike some teachers who are unable to do so because of their teacher’s pension, so it will pay for medicare and buy a few groceries.

  4. you are lucky to be so well covered.

    • We are indeed very fortunate to have my insurance and Terry’s military coverage along with Medicare. It’s not something you think much about when you are younger and in the trenches every day, but the hard work has some advantages when you get old.

  5. I have seven more years until I hit Medicare age. It will be interesting to see if the insurance companies are still making a lot of money on baby boomers by then.

  6. David and I have Humana HMO medicare advantage plans. No monthly premiums, no co-pay for PCPs, and only $25 co-pay for a specialist.

    • That’s great that you have no premium to pay. Tricare has no premium, but Fresno Unified has a $10/month premium for each of us. It’s the medicare premium that I find high, but I guess for many, it is quite inexpensive in comparison to other insurances. I have never had to pay a medical insurance premium that high.

  7. The magical, mystical age of 65.
    Have you notice the many ads on TV for incontinence products? HAH!

  8. I’ve been on a Medicare Advantage plan since hitting Medicare age. Here in Washington state we pay a fair amount over and above the money they take out, plus a $50 copay to see any specialist. It’s expensive but better than many people pay who are not old enough for Medicare. Wish I had your great coverage! 🙂

  9. Geeee… Nobody came to ask me for my business….
    I didn’t get medical insurance with my Illinois school district, but I do have Tricare with Art. I know Hawaii public school teachers get medical care coverage even after they retire. So lucky.

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