Back to normal

We got back from our trip to Portland, where it was cool, to our town where it’s over 100 degrees. I’m back to watering the yards and running errands early in the morning when it’s cool. I was out at 8 this morning and back home by 10. While grocery shopping, I bought ripe peaches.

Although over 100 degrees this afternoon, I cranked up the oven to bake a pan of brownies. Then those peaches called my name. I wanted to make something special to thank our next door neighbors who watered our front yard while we were gone to Portland. I got out puff pastry and made a couple of pastries. I had enough dough and peaches to make two small pies for our dessert this evening.

Keeping the kitchen cool with all this baking was helped with this fan.

I am so grateful to be back home, after our great time in Portland, where I can get back into my routine. It may be hot, but it’s summer and that’s normal for us.


8 responses to “Back to normal

  1. That peach puff pastry looks great. I think I’ll try it with mangoes.
    I know that valley heat; it’s relentless. It stays pretty comfortable here in Hawaii, although I do have the window A.C. on in my office right now. It seldom gets above 85 and always cools off at night. Humidity can be a big problem along about August through September.

  2. Over 100 degrees is too much for me. Our oven really heats up the kitchen, and since our house is an open floor plan, the entire place heats up. I told my husband the other day that we need to start using the slow cooker.
    You’r pastry looks beautiful. I bet your house smelled delicious.

    • I don’t cook a lot when it gets this hot. Lots of leftovers and sandwiches. Terry is currently making pancakes on this saturday morning, and the griddle is heating up the kitchen.

  3. I think I can smell that pastry from here. Amazing what memories can conjure up in my mind. I cannot deal with such heat myself, which is why I live here, and I swelter when it’s in the 80s. I much prefer cooler weather. 🙂

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