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Once again, those of you with Blogger blogs are seeing few comments from me. I have typed so many comments, in so many blogs, recently, and they have all disappeared. Most pop up a comment that says I must write something before posting! Well, duh. I did. Then I told the boxes, again and again, that I was WordPress, then that I was dkzody, then that I was NOT a robot. Poof, gone.

Some of you are writing great posts, and I really have some good comments, but you aren’t seeing them. Keep writing. I’m out there. I just cannot comment.


14 responses to “No comment

  1. I will consider you to have left a comment on any blog post I write. Sorry you’re having such difficulties. 😦

  2. Delaine, I know I have set my blog to allow comments from registered users (including openid ) to comment on my blog. In my ‘other’ settings I also set my OpenId to my blog url ….maybe this can help

  3. Thanks for coming by and succeeding.

  4. I have been getting your comments and I have WordPress.

  5. Sorry you’re having such an issue. I’ve allowed ‘anyone’ to comment on my blog. Are you having an issue here?

    • Yes at least twice my comments completely disappeared. Your blog keeps trying to make me a google account. I select WordPress, type dkzody and the box shifts to google.

  6. Sigh… I’ve heard that WordPress bloggers sometimes have a hard time posting comments on Blogspot. I’m sorry it’s given you such grief. I’ll try checking my settings because my cousin says she has a hard time posting comments on my blog too, and she uses Anonymous.

  7. That sounds incredibly frustrating! 😦

  8. I’ve had a problem leaving comments on some Blogger blogs for a long time. I’m on WordPress. I don’t have a problem when the “Name/URL” is one of the options for their commenters. Sometimes I can get “OpenID” to work and sometimes I can’t. I wish everyone on Blogger would select the option that includes “Name/URL” for their commenters, but I don’t think they realize the problem it is for some of us.

    • I had never used the Name/URL selection. I did so this morning on a blog and it worked beautifully. You may have just opened up the floodgate for my comments!

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