We are trying to break a record

Fresno has a record it is trying to break. None of the residents are cheering for this record, though. In 2005 Fresno set the record of 21 consecutive days of over 100 degrees. It was in August. This year, we are clearly on our way to matching that record with 14 consecutive days over 100, and it’s only July. As I type this, at 10 am, PDT, it is 90 degrees. It will easily be 100 by noon.

Because of these hot days, I am living life in the slow lane. The very slow lane. I’m up early to do any outdoor chores, like this morning I wanted to rake leaves and take down spider webs on the fences and the porch. I was back indoors before 8:30. I also prefer to get the laundry done early because the washer and dryer are in the garage. The uncooled garage. I got two loads washed and dried by 9:30.

The fans are all running. The AC is set at 80 and comes on quite regularly. I’ve drawn the drapes to keep the bright sun out of the rooms. At one point this morning, very early, it looked as though the sun had exploded in the living room.

So what is all this heat good for? Our summer crops thrive, as long as they get water. Cotton is doing a happy dance in the fields. Grapes are sugaring up each of these hot days. The berries are all done, too hot for them now. The melons and tomatoes are coming in and as long as they can find shade under their green leaves, they do very well in this heat. Did you know that the San Joaquin Valley produces the majority of canned tomato products for the world? The heat helps with that. Corn can be heard growing in the fields on days over 100.

I am staying home today, and we will eat leftovers for our meals. The next few days, though, I have errands to run, places to be, so I will get an early start and try to be home by 11 am. Noon at the very latest. I’m not trying to break any records.


12 responses to “We are trying to break a record

  1. I am at my son’s house in Phoenix, and I extend kudos to all of you who survive these summers. I loved your second paragraph; I think i can hear the corn growing here!

  2. I remember those days in Chicago. It was NOT pleasant for me. I don’t appreciate the heat. It’s hot here in Hawaii but ALMOST never reaches 100, thank goodness.

    • The only way we survive is with air conditioning. Air conditioned cars, air conditioned homes, air conditioned offices and stores. Also, we have very low humidity in the summer, about 16 percent.

      In the winter, when it’s cold, the humidity gets up in the 50 and 60 percent. That’s when we have fog. It’s the kind of cold that seeps into your bones. I really do prefer the dry heat to the wet cold.

  3. I cannot live in weather like that. I’d not only be housebound, but I’d be in dire straits not being able to exercise outdoors. I would belong to the local Y and would be there most of the time. Yikes! 🙂

    • I’m more housebound in the winter than in the summer. I don’t like to be really hot, but I can manage with the air conditioned car and stores. In the winter, it’s cold from sun up to sunset, and it’s cold every where. I really prefer the heat to the cold.

  4. I keep the air at 79, day and night. If the children think they’re boiling, too bad. In the winter I keep the house at 68 when we’re home, and 64 otherwise. My grands should have grown up when I did, and the corn was growing.

  5. We’re having a hot spell, too, but it’s not as extended as yours. Over the weekend it ‘only’ got to the low 90s, and the humidity was less too. However, starting tomorrow it will be dangerously hot again. I go outside as little as possible.

  6. Stay as cool as you can! We are having a cool summer in Toronto.

  7. Be careful. Stay hydrated. Over 100 degrees is brutal.

  8. It has been very pleasant in Hilo, Hawaii. I do have a window air conditioner in my office that I may turn on for a couple of hours, mostly to dry the air. That light blasting through is really something.

  9. I didn’t realize you live in Fresno! Many, many years ago (when I was a hippie!) I moved from the east coast to Fresno. Stayed for a couple of years and finished up my undergraduate degree at FSU. Lots of fond memories. Love your blog!

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