No record this time

It appears we will not tie or break the record of 21 straight days of triple digit heat. It is much cooler this morning, in the 60s instead of high 70s, with a forecast of 99 for this afternoon. 

The nearby forest fires are making for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Of course, the air can be pretty bad for breathing purposes. As I stepped out on the front porch this morning, the sun exploded through the tree branches. 


6 responses to “No record this time

  1. The continuous heat sounds scary for the planet

  2. Wow! Well, you just might break the triple digit mark, if you’re expected to get to 99. But I hope not, I hope it stays a bit cooler for you. Who needs those kinds of records? 🙂

    • There is a 45,000 acre forest fire north of us and west of Yosemite. Power has been shut off and whole towns have been evacuated. I’m very thankful for where I am with an air conditioned home.

  3. 99 is very high. Our temperature hits 89 at the maximum, and that’s bad enough.

  4. I can’t bear the heat, but it’s the humidity that just about kills me.

  5. Even in the midst of all that bad air, your yard looks like an oasis. Great photo.

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