My hot weather activities

The middle of summer…hot, hot, and more hot. So, what do I spend my time doing?

Watering the lawns. That seems logical since it is hot. Even on a 6,000 square foot lot, most of it covered with house, driveway, patio, walkways, there is still lots of watering to do. We are allowed to water three days a week, and I take full advantage of those times.

What doesn’t make sense is all the baking and cooking I’ve been doing. It’s hot, the AC runs all day. We have fans in every room to help keep the house cool. And yet, I run the oven at 400 degrees and bake. I had an assortment of items to bake for after-church coffee fellowship. Then a friend called and told me she had vanilla ice cream and root beer left over from an event she hosted on Thursday and I could serve that at coffee fellowship. I stopped the baking. The root beer floats were a huge hit today. My other goodies were enjoyed, too, especially the watermelon cup, but the root beer floats were definitely a winner. We decided we would do that again.

On another day I cooked peach jam for a couple of hours, making the house warmer than necessary. I had bought about 8 pounds of soft peaches at the farmer’s market so they had to processed immediately, and I had already filled my small freezer with strawberries and blackberries. Jam was my solution for the stone fruit.

As for other things I’ve been doing in the heat–going to meetings in buildings that have no air conditioning. Now, what kind of crazy is that? On two different occasions I went out in the evening (not my best time of day) to meetings I had been asked to attend, thinking I would have something to contribute due to my work as a chaplain in a school in the ‘hood. One was in a gymnasium that had a swamp cooler on a 105 degree day. No way that cooler could cool that much space. The second meeting, in a downtown historic hotel, had more people in attendance than expected, in a ballroom with no air conditioning of any kind and no sound system. It is hard to talk over 200 people. I didn’t stick around very long. There was nothing I could offer at either meeting.

I’ve learned my lesson about meetings. Someone said to me, “you’re more of a ‘boots on the ground’ type of gal, not a ‘meet, greet, eat’ kind of person.  I like to get things done, not talk about doing things. And I like to get things done early in the day. Especially when it’s hot.


11 responses to “My hot weather activities

  1. I don’t know how people can exist without A/C. How did we do it, back in the day?

    • I am spoiled. I cannot live without AC. Sure realized that on Thursday evening on a 100+ degree day at the meeting with over 200 people crammed into a room.

  2. We are getting ready for our hot weather, which usually comes in August. Yesterday it only reached 71 here, pretty perfect for me, but I still wouldn’t cook anything that required me to turn on the oven! 🙂

  3. August is just around the corner and thoughts will turn to fall!

    • We have warm falls here. The temperature really doesn’t drop much until November, maybe Thanksgiving, but we’ve had warm Thanksgivings.

  4. I have the a/c on right now and it is 8:28 A.M.

    • Our AC is set to come on at 6 am at 80 degrees. Goes off at 9 pm with the evening setting for 84 degrees. It seldom gets warm enough to start during the night, but starting tomorrow, our grandchildren will be here and we will keep it set at 80 around the clock.

  5. Whew! Oh my gosh. You are one busy gal. I’m with you on the AC. Gotta have it, and I’m much more productive in the morning. I’m nothing at night.

    • I’ve actually done very little this summer. It has felt good to get back into the swing of things, but it really needs to be done in better cooled buildings. I did get an apology email from the person in charge of last Thursday’s fiasco. They are planning another meeting in a better venue.

  6. I remember going to school in killer hot days. I couldn’t even think. Still can’t. Right now we are in the 70’s, and I say thank you a lot for that. Yes, Root Beer floats, my grandmother’s favorite, are a perfect thing on a hot summer day.

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