The routine returns

Small grandchildren went home yesterday. This was the longest of any stay at our house–6 days. We have stayed that long in San Mateo (we get a hotel room), but the kids have never been here that long. Neither of them wanted to go home. And this was after spending 10 days with us earlier in the month when we went to Oregon. As you can probably guess, we dote on them and let them do pretty much anything they want.

Just like the grandchildren, though, we too must return to the routine of daily life and its obligations. When I turned on the sprinklers at 6 this morning, I noticed a shift in the light. Summer is waning. The calendar shifted, too. It’s a new month. I must shift gears this week and start prepping for a new school year. The preparation is nothing compared to all those years of teaching at the high school. I am so thankful I don’t have to do all that. I am so thankful that instead of preparing to teach five classes A DAY, I will get ready to read stories four times A WEEK.

Shopping is definitely in my plans this week and next. I need a new pair of pants and some new shoes for my two school days.  I have bags of shoes, clothes, and school supplies to deliver to Columbia in the next week. Hopefully I can meet the four new first grade teachers on the day I make that trek across town.

Our church participation slowed during June and July. Terry didn’t sing in the choir, there were no committee meetings, and there were substitutes for communion preparation while I was gone to Oregon. The shift to routine was made last Sunday. Terry’s voice was back to normal so he was back in choir. I was on tap to give the prayer of thanksgiving and intercession. Next Sunday I will be doing communion prep. All of the meetings will start again in August.

Our grandkids are getting their school examinations and vaccinations today. Their mother said there would be shopping for backpacks and underwear. They have a couple of play dates before school starts in two weeks. I too have a couple of play dates, one this week with some friends at an art gallery and one next week with Ladies Who Lunch.

The house is quiet. I’m able to remember to do routine things like my exercises and my journal writing. No pressing obligations right now, but on the horizon…


5 responses to “The routine returns

  1. What a lovely post of a time that moved too fast.

  2. Nice for you to get back to a normal routine

  3. Yes, we are halfway between the first day of summer and the first day of fall. I see the difference in the light, too. August is the hottest month, but then it turns into my favorite time of the year! Hope you find those new clothes without much problem. 🙂

  4. Time marches on, whether we’re ready for it or not.

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