When the bugs bite

We have a plague here–bugs. Bugs of all kinds. Flying bugs, crawling bugs, invisible bugs. Ants, spiders, insects, of all sorts. They have taken refuge in my yard. Some of them bite.

There are tiny red spider mites in the backyard. So tiny that you do not see them with the naked eye unless you see a red dot moving on the page of the book you are reading. It’s like the period at the end of this sentence suddenly walks away. That’s how small they are. I remember, as a child, red spider mites would invade the cotton fields surrounding our house. My dad only knew it if he had a magnifying glass to check the cotton plant’s leaves. Then he sprayed a miticide on the cotton fields. All that poison is what eventually took his life.

The problem, though, for people, the red spider mite BITES. I’m terribly allergic to its bite. As is small granddaughter. The boys don’t seem to taste as good. Terry and Judah never get bit. Or they don’t suddenly have swollen red welts all over their body.

Leeya and I were both miserable this past week after an evening of playing in the yards. I took a cool shower and used lavender soap. Leeya took a bath with lavender soap. It calmed our skin but still left us itchy. Then I used tea tree oil on all the welts. That really calmed the itching. But, to make sure we slept through the night, we both took a dose of Benadryl. For the remainder of the week, we kept touching up the bites with tea tree oil.

Then on Sunday evening I walked through an ant hill and got more bites on my feet. Time for tea tree oil.


9 responses to “When the bugs bite

  1. We have been invaded with ants and spiders this year. I’m starting to feel like I’m living in a horror movie! I hope you are feeling better fast and the bites don’t give you grief for long.

  2. The bugs like you and Leeya over the boys because its snips and snails and puppy dog tails over sugar and spice and everything nice. But seriously … this sounds awful. Does not that spray on product “Off” turn these bugs away from eating you up?

    • Leeya and I both used an insect repellent, and it helps, but the bugs find places that we miss. That’s just how serious our bug problem is.

  3. Too bad about the bites, the pain of summer, I have a few myself.

  4. I will be using a net to go over my head, lots of coverage and bug spray as well. It will still be a challenge. I probably won’t try the natural big juice but DEET. 🙂

  5. I wonder if that tiny, red bug I saw crawling on my lawn chair the other day was a spider mite. Yikes. Is a spider mite the same as a chigger? I’ll have to look that up. Glad you had a few remedies that lessened the irritation.

    • Oh no! I’ve been attacked by blackflies and I swell up like a balloon. Miserable. Painful
      Those tiny red horrors must be awful.


  6. Oh my, this is awful. I so understand and always forget the Deet….she says shaking her head.

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