A new week, month, and year

The week started with the grandchildren leaving. The month started with a serious hot spell. And I began a new year as an official senior citizen. This was the birthday that delivered that special card–the Medicare card. I also had to get my military ID card updated so as to distinguish myself as “senior.”  

A few other birthday cards also arrived, but only a few. I send actual cards to about 30 people a year. I got 4 cards in the mail. Maybe it’s time I just gave up. Cards in the mail must not mean much to people. I really like to get cards, but, as you can see, not many like to send any to me. Can you tell how very disappointed I am?


12 responses to “A new week, month, and year

  1. Happy Birthday Delaine!

  2. I am no longer a card sender, but we never got started with that, so I don’t feel too bad about our virtual relationship. However, it’s a BIG birthday! Congratulations, senior! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday. Welcome to the club. It’s pretty sweet on the senior side.

    • This is one of those birthdays that seem too official to me. Like when I turned 40 and then 50 also made me shudder. Sixty didn’t bother me at all, I was having a very good time in retirement. 65 seems like the beginning of the end. I can no longer claim to still be young enough to start over if I wanted to.

      Perhaps that’s why I’m so disgruntled with the lack of cards from all those people to whom I have sent cards for years, decades even. They can’t come up with one lousy card for this monumental birthday?

  4. Happy Birthday!

    For many years I bought a stack of birthday cards at the beginning of the year and sent them out with small checks enclosed to extended family members. I never got a ‘thank you’, so I changed to just sending out the birthday cards. Still no acknowledgement of my efforts. When family members started moving around the country and not offering their new addresses I gave up. I still send cards to my children, but everyone else gets a Facebook recognition.

  5. I remember how happy I was to get my Medicare card. Ha! Even happier when SS kicked in. We all work a long time to get to this point in life. It’s nice to have a couple of safety nets. I hope the generations behind us have those same safety nets.

    • Funny thing about Medicare, it will cost more each month than when we were on the school district insurance policy. I was paying $100 a month for our insurance coverage through the school district. Now that Medicare kicks in, the district requires $10 a month/each so as to be the secondary coverage. That means that Terry and I will go from paying $100 a month to paying $250 a month for medical coverage.

  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Each major birthday, I did something dramatic. At 70, I went around the country on the train. At 60, I went to London and Paris. I have hopes I will be here at 80.

    Don’t forget to get your National Parks Senior Pass. 🙂

    • Since I’ve never done anything major on ANY birthday, I don’t think I will start. There certainly isn’t the money to do those major trips. I’m not fond of travel, either. Think I’ll stick close to home.

  8. I only send cards when I send money. Happy birthday. Aloha from Hawaii.

    • None of my friends or acquaintances get money in their cards. Just the cards. But, I’m not planning to restock my supply. I’ll use that money for some other things.

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