Back to school

The teachers and other staff have returned to Columbia (and other schools in town). Most went back last week. Lots of meetings and planning before the students ever appear. 

I stopped by this morning to drop off school supplies I had collected–backpacks, notebooks– and shoes and pants. Another retired teacher friend brought binders for me to deliver. The shoes were paid for by a retired art teacher. 

The sixth grade teacher who was brand new last year has returned. He asked if I would work with this class again. Sure. Would he like a class set of notebooks and pens?  Yes, that would be great. There were also 10 packs of lined binder paper in the box that he could use as he has his students do lots of writing. 

In chatting with the principal I learned that my presence would be desired on the first day of school. To make sure the first morning goes smoothly. Sure, I can do that. I have star erasers to hand out as I greet my former first graders and will remind them to be bright shining stars. 


6 responses to “Back to school

  1. I hope you have a wonderful first day.

  2. You are just the BEST! I’m so glad you do what you do. 🙂

  3. Have a great start to the year!

    • I won’t return to my storytelling duties until after Labor Day. That gives the teachers 3 weeks to get to know their classes and put rules in place.

  4. Good to donate things so the kids can use them.

  5. You sound prepared and you’re very inspirational. Have a great first day.

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