Squatter’s rights

All those products I bought yesterday had a common denominator–the bottom shelf. Two of the books I purchased at Barnes & Noble were on tabletops, but I had to do lots of squatting at the regular shelving to look at various books before making my decision.

Everything I purchased at Sephora was on the bottom shelves except for the new sharpener that the store clerk got for me. You must be young and in shape to shop at Sephora because you will do lots of squatting to find what you want.

Same thing at LifeWay. The cards I picked out were lower than the others, so again I squatted. A number of books on the lower shelves caught my attention so I was squatting a few more times to check them out before making the selection. This store is also for the fit. Unless you are like one lady I saw in the card section. She had a folding stool that she used to peruse the cards, moving it along the line.

When I got to Orchard Supply, I only needed one thing–roach boxes–so I didn’t squat and check out other items, but guess what, the roach boxes were on the bottom shelf. One more time, I squatted, pulled out the boxes I wanted, took a deep breath, and rose from the squat. I got to thinking at this point–what do you do if you can’t squat and get things from bottom shelves?

I have people tell me they cannot get up down and up from the floor. That worries me. I do floor exercises every day and often recommend them to people who complain of sciatica. That’s when I hear about their inability to get up from the floor. Now I wonder if they can squat and rise from the squat. I do squats around the house a few times a day so all that lower-shelf stuff didn’t bother me yesterday. It gives me “squatter’s rights.”


13 responses to “Squatter’s rights

  1. I squatted thousands of times in my last job. Now I can’t. The other day my doctor squatted to check my ankles. I cannot believe I said to her in astonishment “How old are you that you can still squat?” Long pause, then she said she was early sixties and still allowed.

  2. I’ve been doing a lot of weeding this summer so my squats are strong this season!

    • Gardening is a great way to exercise. Just came in from working in the backyard. Lots of squatting, bending, reaching, lifting, toting. And also lots of sweating. The mornings are cooler, but it gets hot out there when one is working.

  3. I think the thigh muscles are some of the first to go. Glad to know that yours are still getting a workout.

  4. I don’t squat–I bend way over. Which is sometimes difficult as I am 5’11” tall. LOL

  5. I’m short enough that squatting isn’t a problem. I’m much closer to the ground than other people. But I’m glad I can still squat without any problems. 🙂

  6. This reminds me that I had started doing an exercise where you keep your back straight and lower your butt until you are in a slight sitting-like position and hold it and repeat. It forces your legs to work, but I’ve gotten sidetracked lately. I need to get back to that.

  7. I don’t squat anymore, but I do bend over to weed sometimes.

  8. Getting up from the floor is a trial. A chair helps. No more baths, No squats, but put me in the pool and I can do anything.

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