The widow moves on

Shirley asked me about the Widow Fiske, the murder victim’s wife. What became of her? The NYC writer sent me some information about her in the form of a newspaper clipping from 1905, 15 years after her husband’s violent end on the main street of Fresno. She had been living a raucous life.

Being married and divorced three times after Mr. Fiske died,  Amanda Fiske-Marceau-Fennell was about to marry husband number four, supposedly an Italian baron, but no name was given. She had three children from all of these marriages. She no longer lived in Fresno and her marriage would be taking place in New York City.

There is still no word on the outcome of the murderer’s three children. The writer who contacted me believed that they remained in Fresno, as wards of the court, but nothing definite to substantiate that. There was only a newspaper clipping saying they were being cared for at the city’s hospital.


4 responses to “The widow moves on

  1. maybe the hospital has archives somewhere?

  2. Thanks for following up. It’s all so interesting. Would make for a great movie with follow up, like they did for The Founder.

    • I think the writer is doing some sort of piece, whether tv or movie. Do you like watching those historical mysteries–Dr. Blake, Miss Fisher, Father Brown, Murdock Mysteries?

  3. Slow ihternet has hampered me from keeping up with you and your many doings. Enjoying catching up now. The murder mystery sounds fascinating. It seems important to retrieve all this “lost history.”

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