When it gets to be too much

The news is unsettling, to say the least. Not just in the world, but the United States, and even in Fresno. I would prefer to bury my head right now.

Instead, I will go out in my backyard and enjoy the quiet for awhile and think good thoughts and ask God to send peace and grace to all of us.



10 responses to “When it gets to be too much

  1. Amen, Delaine. I am going back to bed and hope for sweet dreams.

  2. We need a large ration of grace, distributed evenly to all. I hope the prez heard that.

  3. Be with the angels. It’s better.

  4. A tough week in the news. That’s for sure. You have to find peace where you can.

  5. Good idea to focus on God and your lovely backyard.

  6. It just seems to get worse and worse. My son and family were in Virginia and saw some of that. Thank goodness they’re OK.

  7. Stay calm and we will all pray.

    • My little home is quiet and calm. And cool. It’s too hot to be out in the backyard now. I can, for a brief moment, pretend none of this is happening.

  8. What a charming back yard too.
    We are all praying.

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