To all my blogging and online friends


This is how I’m feeling today about a lot of people in my life. Thank you for being there to help me through these days of craziness and crisis. Your posts and responses light up my day.



8 responses to “To all my blogging and online friends

  1. Even boycotting the news is no help.

  2. You do realize that everyone that blogs is a little weird. Who in their right mind would write about their life, and all their problems, to a completely unknown audience? Put our hearts and souls feeling out there to be criticized? We are all a bit nutz to do that–that’s why it is so interesting. We find others that are as weird as we are and that, in some weird way, is a comfort to us. LOL

  3. Blogkand is such a safe planet. We know each other on such a deep level. No one interrupts us as we pour it out.

    To understand and be understood. What a gift.


  4. and thank you for being there for us too!

  5. That’s how I feel about all my blogger friends too. I’m having my share of hectic craziness right now too. I’m hoping it will relax a bit in the new year… maybe.

  6. Thank you for the lovely thoughts. I too feel the same way about my online friends. Sending you much love and gratitude. 🙂

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