If it’s Tuesday, it must be errand-running day

As you may know, we revert to standard time this next weekend. Fall back. Gain an hour. Terry and I have been practicing the new time by staying in bed almost an extra hour these past two days. That’s what we’re calling it, anyway. After a super busy week and weekend, we’re tired and trying to rest up before the next round. I finally climbed out of bed just minutes before 7 this morning. Before I knew it, the clock said 8:55 and I wanted to leave the house at 9. Today is Tuesday and I like to be out early to run all the errands I have.

First stop was the credit union to get lunch money–21 one dollar bills. I return to my car to find that the key fob is not working. It won’t unlock the driver’s side door. I use the key to do so and move along to the next stop. This time I need the back hatch door opened when I come out with a big bag of pants and jackets I picked up at Salvation Army for the kids at Columbia. Again, the fob won’t work. I have to go to the front of the car, open the driver’s side door with the key and then unlock the doors with the automatic switch. Swinging the large bag of clothing the whole way to the front and back. Same thing with my next few stops.

My last stop is the grocery store where I get three bags of food items two of which are very heavy. I leave the basket at the store front and haul the bags to the car, not remembering that the fob won’t work to open the back hatch door. Hauling those heavy bags around the car did not make me happy.

I made all my stops and still got home just after 11:30. In time for lunch. I reheated the potato pancakes I made yesterday and had them with applesauce. The new food processor did an okay job. Because the feed tube is much smaller than the previous machine, I don’t get the nice long shreds like before, but the pancakes tasted good. The leftovers made a nice lunch.

About that key fob. Terry says it needs a new battery. He’s going to give me his for the time-being while he finds the battery and fixes mine. He doesn’t carry his fob unless he’s going along with me on a trip in my car. Hopefully he’ll be able to quickly take care of it.


9 responses to “If it’s Tuesday, it must be errand-running day

  1. I once had a retro Chrysler PT cruiser. (I almost wrote TP, which is what we called it.) The retro part wore out real fast. It had to be unlocked with a key. The windows rolled down with a roll down arm and knob. It had to be locked manually, door by door. Not one thing that could have been was automatic. Then I saw a fellow approaching his TP Cruiser push a button and heard the locks come up. I sold mine shortly thereafter. I feel for ‘ya.

  2. I’ve never had a car with a key fob, unless it was a rental. It does make me want one, but not enough to buy a new car. Mine is fifteen years old and going strong (hopefully it won’t hear me and break down out of spite). 🙂

  3. Thanks for the notice, as I hadn’t a clue it was fall back time. I am so out of the loop since retiring that I hardly can even keep up with what day of the week it is.

  4. Thanks for the time change reminder. And your fob should be right again in no time!

  5. Well, when all is said and done, I will always love to have a potato pancake with applesauce.

  6. My car is 20 years old and has one luxury–I have a little lever, that I can pull from the driver’s seat, that opens the trunk!!! I love that. No automatic locks, windows or anything else, but…..oh that little lever thrills me!

    • My husband’s 27 year old Mazda has a similar lever. It is nice. No power locks or windows, though, on his car. The seatbelt mechanism has quit working recently and the motor to fix it is over $800. He is just manually clicking it into place of the time being.

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