A remake

Do blogs have remakes? You know, like old movies made again? If so, this post is a remake. I posted these words four years ago, as another year was about to get started, and they resonate with me again this year.

Maybe I set my expectations too high.

I expect people to show up when they say they will, do the hard work that is necessary, and be kind to those around them.

I expect stores to be open, well stocked, and offer great customer service.

I expect roadways to be well paved, without obstructions, and to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

I expect cities and municipalities to honestly take care of their citizens with the money paid to them to do so.

I expect neighbors to take care of their property, be friendly and available, if necessary, to help other neighbors.

I expect my church to offer a place of refuge and comfort to sin-sick souls and to teach the word of God to all who enter.

I’m sure I have other expectations, but those are the ones on my heart and mind this morning after reading a post that said I should raise my expectations. I think mine are pretty high, as is. These are also the expectations I have of myself.

These are still my expectations, except the roadways. After a year of constant detours and roadwork, I expect roads to be closed and traffic to come to a standstill. Have your expectations changed over the past few years?


9 responses to “A remake

  1. I am trying to lower my expectations this year. More than that, actually, have no expectations, when possible. It’s not lowering the bar, it’s more of me trying to live simply in the presence, and not too much in the future. The future is not only wrought with anxiety, but isn’t promised, so it’s to a large degree a waste of time and effort to focus too much on the future. Just my view at the moment. Happy New Year!

    • Those were definitely my feelings at the beginning of 2017. I knew it was going to be a bad year, what with the person just elected to the highest office in the land. He certainly has met my expectations, and I expect him to be even worse in the new year. I also expect no one to do anything about it. But, you’ll note, none of the expectations from 4 years ago had anything to do with the president. I’m keeping my life very local.

  2. After all these years of living, I expect little to continue as I’ve seen for most of my life. After all, life could be described as change. Inexorable change. That said, you expectations are are reasonable to my ears. 🙂

  3. I’m by nature rather cautious and more or less expect things to be more difficult, cost more, and take longer than they should. That way when things go wrong, only to be expected; when things go smoothly, pleasant surprise.

  4. My expectations are optimal, and will remain so. We shall overcome. Keep your eye on the prize. Resist. As for road work, that is the price of civilization. Think of the Roman roads still traveled by the the British. I have driven to Wisconsin for thirty years to visit my friend. I have been inconvenienced by delays, but my biggest take away is that I can drive the same route in all this time and still take only eight hours, because the road has kept pace with the volume of traffic. The best of civilization is its support of itself.


  6. I love my country with all its pluses and minuses. I feel grateful that I belong to my own country and it belongs to me. I keep thinking this when I read about refugees fleeing from their homeland in search of security, which they may or may not get. Unfortunately many in my country do not care too much about keeping their surroundings clean. I keep expecting that people will learn to keep their surroundings clean. There are changes for the better but sometimes I feel as if my expectations are too high. It hurts . We do our bit and life goes on. Thank you for the question. Regards

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