Rain in the new year

We are grateful to be getting a few raindrops in these early days of the new year since we are far behind our normal rainfall numbers. It could be another season of drought if the rain totals don’t begin to add up. The new year snowfall check was very poor, too. Not only has there been no rain in the valley, there has been no snow in the mountains. One of the local ski resorts closed up before the new year as there just wasn’t any snow on its slopes.

Because of the fires in California, and the fact that the San Joaquin Valley is just a large bowl that collects all the air pollution from around the state, we have the worst air in decades. Just the other day the air in Fresno was worse than the air in Beijing. The bad air irritates throats and nasal passages. Coughs, colds, and respiratory infections are on the rise. If I’m outdoors for very long I get a headache and I know it’s the bad air that’s causing it.

These three weeks of school vacation have been nice. A chance to catch my breath, sit and contemplate the new year and how I will go through it, to read and relax with no demands on my time and energy. I continue to take my probiotics and to eat well so as to build up my immune system. I’m sure I’ve stayed well because I could spend so much time indoors and away from small children who cough and sneeze on me.

Next week that will change as school goes back in session and I get my bag of tricks ready to return to two days of storytelling. I’ve already been to the bank and gotten my lunch money. I will sit with small children and eat lunch. I will get hugs from these children and their small hands will slip into mine. I will be outdoors, breathing the air that may still be polluted if we don’t get enough rain to wash it away.


9 responses to “Rain in the new year

  1. Hands of little children pay for all. Happy stories to them.

  2. Back to school! Sounds like you are ready.

  3. I hope and pray that you can keep the germs away from your own nose. Sani-wipes and plenty of hand washing should help you, and everybody else around you. Sending you my prayers. 🙂

  4. The air in Fresno was worse than the air in Beijing?! I hope you get rain. My cousin-in-law is in California. Her daughter and her family had to leave their home, but thankfully, it still stands. So scary.

    Wishing you the best at staying well.

    • Yep. Absolutely horrible air. We have a young friend with a serious heart condition who was told by her cardiologist to leave the area last year when the air wasn’t even this bad but still polluted. She moved to Kansas.

  5. You are lucky you got 3 weeks of winter vacation. My daughter, who is a high school math teacher, got only 2.

    • For a long time we got two weeks, but so many of our students go to Mexico for the Christmas holiday and don’t return until after New Years. It made more sense to end the semester before Christmas break and take 3 weeks so the students didn’t miss so much school or their exams. Since you live in paradise, I doubt it this is an issue with your students.

  6. That sounds deadly. I hate thinking about the long term stress on the body. Good that you had a decent break.

    Happy New Year!


  7. I’m so happy for you that you’ll have your days with the children again and they are so lucky to have you. However, I’m hoping you stay healthy. I always got sick in fall and spring, twice a year. Now that I’m retired, I rarely get the terrible illnesses I used to get.

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