In the new year

The days in the first month of the new year are now in double-digits, and I feel it’s going to be another fast year. I’ve certainly had no time to be bored and wonder what to do next. On Wednesday I got back to Columbia to see my first graders. One of the boys saw me in the cafeteria at lunch and called out, “I’ve missed you, Mrs. Zody.” Me too. I’ve missed the kids and my school routine.

It rained this week. Rain we badly need. It rained so hard on Tuesday that I spent most of the day emptying a bucket that I kept under the downspout on the patio. The downspout has been dismantled due to age and disrepair. Terry has been in talks with the metal fabricator who originally put the patio roof on our house 36 years ago when we moved in. The man told me, when I worked with him back then, that the roof would last a lifetime. I guess 36 years is a lifetime.

The actual patio roof is still in good shape, it’s just the edges that need to be replaced and the pieces are no longer made in the size of the patio roof. It’s a very large patio. The fabricator came early Wednesday morning to take measurements and will be back on Friday to install the edges. I hope this will solve the downpour problem and I won’t be dumping a bucket every 5 to 7 minutes when the next rain storm comes.

On Thursday Terry and I will meet our new doctor. This was not by choice, but our long-time doctor has quit. I don’t know all of the story. She told me she is taking time to regroup. In the meantime, we are getting a new physician, one that our old doctor recommended. That makes me feel better, but I’m afraid she isn’t going to be as wonderful as Dr. Jones whom I’ve know since the late 1980s when she first arrived in Fresno.

We still don’t have a resolution for the school district and teacher strike threat. The situation was sent to mediation and the report is back but no one has said what the final recommendation was. I am hopeful the district and the teachers can come to a settlement. For the kids. I will keep going to read stories until I hear otherwise. If the strike is called, I won’t be crossing the picket line.


7 responses to “In the new year

  1. I too had to get a new doctor last fall when my previous doctor moved away. It’s hard, but I do like the new one and have seen her once already. I do hope the strike will be averted.

  2. I just had a change of nurse practitioner/doctor too. It was hard to say goodbye to Kathy, but now I’m liking Dr. Jeanne too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you about the strike.

  3. Good luck with the new doctor.

  4. I’ve dealt with a plethora of doctors last year, specialists at restoring skulls and brains. i can’t say I like any of them. I’m just another piece of product coming down a production line in which they are not invested.

    • So many doctors treat the symptoms and not the patient. That’s what I liked about Dr. Jones. She always took the time (sometimes hours) to explain what was going on and the various ways to treat it and what would work with me. I’ve been to the urgent care clinic twice in the past year, and both times I felt like I was a big symptom sitting there and that’s what got treated. I got over the illness each time, but I didn’t have a good feeling about the doctors who I saw.

  5. Two years ago the doctor that I liked very much moved out of the state. There were three ‘official’ replacements offered. I asked which one had the most similar philosophy and had my records moved there. So far I’ve been happy with the outcome.

    • I was quite pleased with our new doctor. She is young so I hope she outlives us, and she is very smart so I hope she can keep us alive for a very long time!

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