People and their money

There is a small piece in today’s newspaper about a paper cup allegedly used by Elvis Presley six decades ago in Oklahoma that is up for auction, and bids have surpassed $1,200. The things people will spend their money on.

Today’s paper also reports a banquet at the current president’s Florida estate that will cost $100,000 per couple to attend. I would almost like to see who these foolish people are, but not enough to check into it. I could do so much with $100,000, and it wouldn’t be for this event.

At the beginning of the school year I purchased packages of socks and underwear for Columbia to have on hand for kids who had accidents. They could quickly change and go back to class rather than wait for a parent to bring a change of clothing, many of whom never arrive. I also brought in many pairs of pants for the same reason.

Yesterday I checked with the home liaison about the supply of these provisions and learned that the girl’s underwear and pants were all gone. Could I bring some more? I stopped at Target on the way home and found a variety of sizes of underwear in the clearance section. No luck with pants that were really inexpensive for my retired teacher’s budget, so next week I will go to Salvation Army and look for more. I can get a señior discount on Tuesdays.

So, that $1,200 for a cup once used by Elvis? I’d use it to buy clothing and supplies for kids. That $100,000 for a ticket to supp with the current president? I’d use it to update the school library’s books and make sure every teacher had books in their classroom.


6 responses to “People and their money

  1. We hosted a classmate of Laura’s for several days, while her mother was out of town. Mom insisted on giving me money, too much. Once I got over it, I gave some to Laura, since she did the most work. I gave my hairdresser an extra, extra tip. She works hard and has a little girl. The rest will go to the church on Monday. My money was extra; yours was not. Thank you for helping the school.

    • It’s good to have money to spread around to others. I’m glad you were able to be generous. I feel fortunate that I’m able to do what I do, just wish it was more.

  2. what a world we live in. I am very moved by some ‘gofundme’ charities, innocent people whose circumstances take a sudden tragic turn.

    • So true. We never know when something catastrophic may happen to us. I was just saying how grateful I am that I can do all the chores I did today. I have two friends who in the past year have become paralyzed on one side and can no longer do for themselves.

  3. I wonder if stores would discount their items if they knew what you were buying them for?

    • I have never asked. I usually buy clearance items at Target and other items at Salvation Army where the money goes for social programs. There are so many needs in Fresno, and I know there are companies that discount some items for large charities who are buying large amounts for their clientele.

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