Yoga ball update

I did buy the yoga ball and I use it here at my computer desk. I roll around some and do some balancing. It seems to be working fine. My grandchildren saw a photo of it and want to come play with it.


10 responses to “Yoga ball update

  1. I deflated and put mine away when a couple of mine came to visit. The oldest always had “burning desires” to do things as he pleased. I saw disaster looming. On the other hand, ten years later he did ride his bicycle from Pittsburgh to DC on an awful trail.

    • Remember, my neighbor had deflated hers and didn’t offer to inflate it for me when I asked about borrowing it? I’m going to keep my inflated for the time being and at the ready for any needs that should arise. 😎

  2. Very cool. I saw something on television, I think it was Lindsey Vonn, who can actually stand on her ball. To be young and fit, thought I.

  3. I am such a klutz, I would probably hurt myself !

  4. I wish I could use a yoga ball at my desk. Unfortunately, it has a very slim opening for the chair. The ball would have to stick out so much I wouldn’t be able to use my keyboard.

  5. My husband has one of those somewhere. I think the kids gave it to him. We must have packed it away when we moved a few years ago. I will remind him of it. Enjoy yours!

  6. They have these balls for exercise at the Y, and I’ve used them for that, but not for my laptop. Fortunately, I no longer need to have anything that doesn’t stay right in my lap! 🙂

    • I use my laptop all over the house, but like to sit, first thing in the mornings, at my desk, and out of Terry’s way while he makes coffee and his own breakfast. This post about the ball was actually written on my iPhone while sitting at my settee in the family room, a favorite spot of mine in this house later in the day.

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