It’s a miracle

On Thursday I was back in the first grade classroom where I fainted the last time there. We always discuss the previous week’s story before launching into a new book. This time we discussed all that happened last week:

  • It was the 100th Day of School
  • The story was about Jake forgetting his project and asking for help
  • The students finished their Star Chart (a behavioral tool I use)
  • The class got a prize for completing the Star Chart
  • The class got a sticker for the 100th Day of School
  • Mrs. Zody died and came back to life

That was the first grader’s take on the day! We talked more about fainting and how it wasn’t the same as dying, but they were determined that I had died and Mrs. Pierson, their teacher, had brought me back to life!

I complimented them on how well they behaved when the emergency happened and how well their teacher handled the whole thing. A friend of mine had said, upon hearing the story, that was a good teacher who could handle a group of first graders and take care of an unconscious chaplain! It’s a miracle!


9 responses to “It’s a miracle

  1. But, why did you faint ? How are you now ? Regards

  2. OMG! That is hilarious. Me thinks perhaps these first graders have been allowed to watch and be influenced by the Walking Dead TV show.

  3. glad you were well for this class!

  4. Bet a lot of 1st graders went home and demonstrated fainting dead away.

  5. So hope your BP is in the normal range now. Yup, those kids and the teachers were great.

  6. So glad you came back to life. 🙂 My youngest grand is in kindergarten and they celebrated their 100th day by dressing up as old people.

  7. I remember once, when teaching pre-k, a student saw me in the market and wondered why I was there, because I lived at the school, and should only be seen there, apparently. LOL

    • I have a book about just such a topic. The kids really believe that their teachers live in the school. It’s called, “Miss Malarkey doesn’t live in Room 10.”

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