Thanks comes in many ways

Tuesday is Senior Citizen Day at Salvation Army Thrift Store which means I will get an additional 25 percent off of anything I buy. It’s usually the day I go to look for items for the kids at Columbia. The home liaison had mentioned the need for girl’s pants, and they can always use coats and backpacks. I found lots of things that fit the bill and when checking out, the cashier asked if I qualify for the senior discount, so I told her about my volunteer work in retirement. After ringing it all up, and giving me the senior discount, she thanked me profusely for what I was doing.

“So many kids don’t have people like you to do these things for them. And I know you don’t get much thanks from the kids (actually I do), so I want to tell you how much this means to me to hear what you do.”

How kind of her.

I delivered the items to school and learned they also needed girls’ underwear so I stopped at Target on my way back home and cleared out the clearance rack. When checking out, the cashier remarked that I must be stocking up at the good prices.

“Actually, these are going to a school where I volunteer. The office manager asked for some to have on hand.”

The cashier stopped, and asked, “what school?”

I told her and she actually knew where it is.

“Thank you for that. My daughter has gotten clean clothes from her school so many times. It means so much to me. She’s only in preschool, but she has accidents and they always take care of her.”

Glad to be of help.


3 responses to “Thanks comes in many ways

  1. How nice to know work works.

  2. You are a treasure and deserve all the thanks you receive. We get our senior discount at the thrift store on Tuesdays. 🙂

  3. Delaine the world would be a better place with more people like you.

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