Cookie redo

Perhaps today was not the day to bake cookies. Perhaps I should have paid better attention to details. Been more mindful of what I was doing. Remembered that certain tasks should have been accomplished first. But I’m not good at those things. And, I wanted cookies.

Yesterday I baked cinnamon rolls with raisins. Some of the raisins fell off the rolls and onto the floor of my continuous clean oven. Some of the buttery sugary syrup overflowed the pan and also fell on the continuous clean oven floor. Those spills needed to be cleaned off the oven floor before I used the oven again. But I forgot.

Instead, after church I got out ingredients to make brown sugar cookies. Buttery Crisco went into the food processor along with brown sugar. Flour was measured into a bowl. Then I measured baking soda and salt into the flour. I stood there, looking at the measuring spoons I had just used and the bowl of all white ingredients and realized I had used twice the amount of salt called for by the recipe. There was no taking it back. The whole bowl of white ingredients went into the garbage and I started over.

While all this measuring was going on, the oven was preheating. I mixed the cookie batter. Got the cookie sheets ready. Spooned the dough onto the sheets and realized that the kitchen smelled smoky. Opening the oven door, I remembered the spills. I could see the raisins, scorched and the butter, burned. Off went the oven. I had to let it cool down before I could take out the racks and clean the scorched continuous clean oven surface.

Almost two hours after I started this cookie-making venture, the last batch of cookies is in the oven. Click here to see some of the finished product. 


6 responses to “Cookie redo

  1. Well they look amazing after all that, so glad you persevered.

  2. Those cookies made you work for it!

  3. One of those kind of afternoons. Lovely cookies.

  4. Don’t eat cookies anymore because I am pre-diabetic.

    • Although cake is my favorite, I love cookies, too, and they are easier to bake. I have recently been buying just a slice of cake at Whole Foods or Sprouts so we don’t have a whole cake around here to eat. I bake cakes when I’m responsible for coffee fellowship at church, knowing the whole cake will be eaten, and not by us! I prefer to bake than to cook. My daughter, on the other hand, says baking is too much like chemistry so she prefers cooking.

  5. Oh, those look just perfect. 🙂

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