Getting back into the groove of reality

Being gone for four days can mess up one’s routine, but I guess that’s one reason to go away and see some new sights. Get out of the routine. Now, it’s time to get back in the groove.

Our granddaughter celebrated her ninth birthday this weekend. We picked her up at school on Friday and she and her brother spent the rest of the day and Friday night with us. We went to her favorite restaurant for dinner and then they stayed overnight at the hotel with us. She had an all-day, all-night party happening with her friends on Saturday. I took our grandson to the aviation museum for most of the day. He bought Lego kits to build some model helicopters and planes so that also kept him busy and out of his sister’s hair.

On Sunday we all went to church together and then out to lunch at a downtown Italian restaurant that makes food we can all agree on–pizza, pasta, and amazing salads. It was combination Mother’s Day and birthday party. By Sunday night I was very tired and ready to go to bed very early.

We came home Monday and the grandchildren returned to school. Our grandson wanted us to pick them up at school again, but we had run out of time. It was back to reality for all of us. We will be back with them in two months when we help out with Vacation Bible School for a week at our daughter’s church. She handed me our assigned materials before we left on Monday.

Part of my reality is to get Leeya’s Book 9 laid out and published. I use Shutterfly for this project, and every year they change the software and seem to make it less intuitive. For someone who had all those years of yearbook experience, it should be a piece of cake, but every year, twice a year since I do a book for each grandchild, I struggle to make the software do what should be so easy to accomplish.


10 responses to “Getting back into the groove of reality

  1. Your grands are so lucky to have such engaged grandparents. And it does make me wonder why things never stay the same, thinking about Shutterfly. Maybe to keep us on our toes? 🙂

  2. Those books you publish sound very much like what I’m doing in Creative Memories Scrapbooking. I used to do a family activity album each year, but now it’s my activities and when there’s been a family thing, they get included in that year’s album.

  3. Wow Leeya’s 9 already?

    • Yes! Hard to believe. In another 9 years she will be graduating from high school. Those 9 years will undoubtedly go just as fast as these past 9 did.

  4. Silver Willow

    You are amazing grandparents. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time!

  5. Sounds like you all had a great time. Good luck with the memory book.

    • Thanks. My brain is busy with school stuff this week so I doubt if I’ll open the application any time soon. I uploaded more photos that I took this weekend, but who knows if Shutterfly will let me place them on the pages of the book.

  6. Nothing like time with the grands. Lucky you. Lucky them.


  7. Very lucky you. Yes, I am moving to Costco for my next photobook. I so hope that I can manage the software.

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