Are you going to run the sprinklers?

That was Terry’s question this morning, around 7:40, after I had been up for about an hour. Sleeping in until after 6:30 is not good for my timing of morning chores, but that’s another story.

“It’s Tuesday. Is that our day to run the sprinklers/” was my response.

“Yes, Tuesday and Saturday. I thought you got that straightened out last week.”

You see, we have specific days and specific times we can run the sprinklers here in drought-stricken Fresno. For the past few months, up to September 1, our days were Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, from 6 am to 9 am and again in the evening. Terry usually hand-waters in the evenings and I run the sprinklers in the morning, first thing after I get up. On September 1, our days changed to Tuesday and Saturday but I keep thinking Thursday and Saturday. Some glitch in my brain can’t get it right. And, we’re 18 days into the month!

I got my watering chores done and Terry even hand-watered since he had not done so on Saturday. We went to a party Saturday evening instead of staying home and taking care of chores.

I also did my usual set of exercises again this morning. On Saturday, after learning about the value of the exercises I do for my neck, I looked up, online, other exercises I might try. They were so easy that I could do them in the car as we traveled up the hill to the goat farm. Then I tried some more, and demonstrated them to Terry, while we had lunch at a popular local sandwich shop.

I woke up on Sunday in pain. My neck never hurts, but I had overdone the exercises and irritated the nerve endings. I remembered, too late, that I had been told 10 years ago to go easy on the exercises, not to overdo as I could irritate the nerves. Took a couple of days to calm everything down, and this morning I felt fine. Also, learned my lesson to take it easy with those exercises and continue as I had been doing for the past 10 years. Now, if I can just learn the watering schedule.


5 responses to “Are you going to run the sprinklers?

  1. By the time you get the watering schedule down, it will change again. Glad to hear your neck got better after you stopped the exercises. 🙂

  2. That pain sounds terrible.

  3. I am glad we don’t have water restrictions here in Hawaii. As for your neck, don’t over do the exercises.

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