Version 2019

The first full week of 2019 wasn’t all that much different than 2018, except busier!

My car spent over a week at the mechanic’s to get the head gaskets and timing belt replaced. When I went to pick it up Thursday morning, a cold, foggy morning, mind you, it was drenched in water. I felt bad for it as it’s not used to camping outdoors. True, Subarus are built for the outdoors, but my car, like me, spends little time out in rough weather, and we’ve had some the last week.

Because we had only one car all week, I had to change my trips around so that I could be home for Terry to make his various trips. On Tuesday I went with him, all the way across town, to get a heart monitor installed. He had a doctor’s appointment late Monday where it was decided this was needed to see if his heart is skipping a beat here and there. He wears the monitor for seven days, then puts it in the mail. The company will be able to read every beat his heart made (or didn’t). It’s attached to his skin, just over his heart, and it only took about 10 minutes for this, but the drive over and back took a half hour each way.

Wednesday was a horse of another color. We both needed to be in two different places at the same time, so I dropped Terry at the hospital for his cardiac rehab and I drove to Columbia to read to the first and second graders. The kids were all delighted to have me back after our three-week Christmas break. The staff seemed pleased, too. Then I drove back across town to pick Terry up. About midway, on an extremely busy street (6 lanes of traffic and two turn lanes), I came across a pack of loose dogs. Big dogs. That was scary. Fortunately, the traffic had slowed, stopped, and were honking at the animals. But, it traumatized me. Also made the trip about a half hour longer than it should have been.

We got up at five o’clock Thursday morning because my car was now ready to pick up but Terry needed to be at a meeting at 9 am so we had to leave early to swing by the mechanic’s and get the car. I was so thrilled to get my car back. My own car. The car with which I am familiar. The car that is so easy to drive. The car that has automatic locks and windows.

I got home and went to work preparing and packing food to deliver–bread pudding for a friend and for a recuperating church member’s husband–a complete meal for a family with a new baby. Everyone wanted to chat but I had to keep on my schedule. When I made my last delivery, right on the scheduled time, the husband answered the door, and said, “you sure are prompt.” I try.

On Friday, Terry headed off to cardiac rehab and I stayed home to take care of all laundry that had piled up all week. He got home at noon and soon realized he had lost his wallet. Probably at the hospital where he goes for the rehab. Without a driver’s license, I needed to be the driver (again). There was no trace of the wallet at any of the places he had been. All of the information desks were checked. Nothing. We headed to the bank to put a stop on his atm card only to find that he would have to call an 800 number so decided to do that from home so he could call on his credit card and other cards in the wallet. Pulling into the garage (in my car), Terry said he would check his car interior one more time. He found it had slipped between seat and shift console. Thank God.

I’m thinking next week should be quieter, but who knows.


7 responses to “Version 2019

  1. I didn’t mean to post that one word comment, but somehow it happened. At least you now have your car back, so next week should be better. Right? 🙂

  2. Let’s hope it slows down!

  3. Too bad we can’t call our wallets like we can call our phones, to locate them.

  4. Wow! What a week. And what variety: busy (all that driving), scary (wild dogs!?!), and some well-deserved love and appreciation from the kids (thank goodness).

    I had to wear a heart monitor last week. They found the problem. Thank goodness. It’s been elusive, but we should be able to do something about it now. Hope Terry will do well with his problems.

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