Continuing the week–Tuesday

Since I told you about my Monday, why not Tuesday? It’s pretty ordinary, but I like ordinary. A lot!

We awoke to cold and rain this morning. Terry has cardio rehab now on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and since I needed to do some shopping in the same direction as the hospital, I offered to drive him. I figured that would be one less car on the road and one less car in the hospital parking lot. Dropping him off just after 9:30 gave me plenty of time to get to the regional mall before the stores even opened. Since it’s also Tuesday, there should be fewer crowds, and parking should be easy.

I like easy parking. I don’t need to be close to the building where I’m going, as a matter of fact, I prefer to park as far away as possible so I can get my steps. This mall has a huge lot that surrounds the center, and it can get crazy out there. If I can get to the mall early, I can park right next to the center’s entrance, beside the Cheesecake Factory, for a quick getaway. It’s not open until later so fewer cars park there early in the morning. It’s not a far walk to the entrance of the mall so that may be why I’m noticing that others are getting savvy to my method and there are fewer open spaces. I got one this morning.

I walked the mall until the stores opened at 10. First stop was Sephora. It’s the only Sephora in Fresno so I have to go to this particular mall. As I traversed the mall, I noticed the line to get into the Apple store, my other stop. By the time I finished at Sephora, having sprayed all the perfume tester bottles, Apple was open and there was no longer a line. I walked right in, told the clerk I needed a replacement charging cord, got it and walked out in about one minute . Easiest purchase I’ve made in months. Why can’t all stores work like Apple? Of course, why can’t all technology work like Apple?

Picked Terry up at 11 and we came home for lunch–beerocks from that batch I made a few weeks ago. I have put some in the freezer, and they defrost in the microwave in 30 seconds. Do you have a defrost button on your microwave? I sure like mine for days like this.

I read and napped after lunch and then went to Whole Foods to get ingredients for meals for the next few days. Spaghetti and meatballs. Tuna/noodle casserole. Terry has been asking for tuna/noodle casserole for weeks now. Asparagus is abundant right now so we will be eating it for a few days. It’s a locally grown crop, and like strawberries, has a short season. Enjoy it while we can.



One response to “Continuing the week–Tuesday

  1. I expect to have some of Farmer John’s homegrown asparagus when I see him this morning at the coffee shop. It’s a short season, but it sure is good! I am an Apple person, too. Love the way it (usually) works. 🙂

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