So, today…

I was up at 6:15 with plans, but they were immediately scrapped when I opened my Facebook and saw that the place I was picking up lunch for a friend had shuttered for the duration. My friend, who is working from home, and I texted back and forth, and since it was also raining, decided to postpone our get-together until sometime next week. That’s the way life is in these days of shut-down and shelter-in-place. You push things down the road.

Even though it was pouring rain, I delivered gift cards for a local grocer to our church’s office. There will be needs and the cards will be requested. The staff is still at the office even though we have closed the preschool and disbanded congregational times. I told the pastor that these were such desperate times that I parked in the handicapped space just because it was the closest to the door and there were only two other cars in the whole parking lot. He joked that the next thing I’d be doing is driving on the wrong side of the road. “Nope, there are already others doing that out there.” This shutdown seems to have brought out the aggressive speeding drivers.

Back home I sent an email to the deacons, bringing them up-to-date on the church happenings and changes that have been made. I mailed a stack of cards to members who I will not see in the next couple of weeks and who will be celebrating milestone birthdays and anniversaries. I got another stack ready to mail tomorrow, including cards to my sweet grandkids whose cards to me and grandpa arrived in this morning’s mail.

I sorted a few loads of laundry and have filled the day with that task. I also made a potato salad as it’s just good comfort food, and I needed some comfort. The whole time I was doing chores, though, I was praying, which I had recommended to the other deacons.

Perhaps it’s the days accomplishments. Perhaps it’s the settling in to a new schedule. Perhaps it’s the comfort of God telling me that this is for the best and for a short duration. If we can keep people out of the hospital, then we will have succeeded. This is not for punishment, it is for safety.  Our medical providers are just not equipped for a full blown pandemic. Most of us know that emergency rooms, in regular circumstances, are overwhelmed.

A friend who is an archivist suggested we all should be writing about our days during the COVID-19 time for an historical perspective. Those of us with blogs are doing just that. So, until tomorrow…

3 responses to “So, today…

  1. Yes, these are definitely trying times, and we are all doing our best to navigate through them. Praying for us all, Delaine. Love your commitment to doing good every single day.

  2. You’re doing a wonderful job of keeping busy!

    • How funny, I feel like I am just sitting. It was cold and rainy today so I didn’t walk. I am doing my best to maintain my morning schedule which includes my exercise routine. I’m putting on makeup and getting dressed so that I can be ready for anything that might come up during the day. I’ll let you know how that works after a week or two into this.

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