What weekend get-away?

Friday’s morning news program had an ad about “your weekend get-away,” which made Terry stop and ask, “what get-away?” The whole state is pretty much in shut-down. This prompted me to come up with an idea:

If we had a motorhome (because hotels are closing here in California), we could go to Yosemite (all business is closed down there but the parks are open), and camp. The price of gas is very low now. We could take all six cats with us. It would be perfect.

Ha. There are a whole lot of disconnects in this harebrained scheme, the biggest one being that we don’t have a motorhome, have never wanted a motorhome, and I refuse to camp. Then there is the part about the cats…

No weekend get-away for us.


6 responses to “What weekend get-away?

  1. You made me laugh. Do you really have six cats? And these days, there are very few places where one can really get away from this awful virus.

    • Those 6 are the ones we claim. There are a few others who come and go in our backyard, along with the other wild critters. I laughed hysterically at my camping idea; Terry just sat at the breakfast table shaking his head.

  2. LOL… I can just see you, your husband and the ‘6’ cats parked at Yosemite. The first time you opened the door to your ‘RV’, those cats would bolt and you’d never get them back inside!!! ROFL here. ah me… humor is good for the mind and body! Take care… and good luck with those cats and critters!

  3. Ohhhhh, that was a good laugh!!! My husband thought motorhoming it around the country would be great. Never happened.

    • About 40 years ago we shared a motorhome with some friends and took a trip over a long weekend. What a disaster. I immediately knew that this wasn’t for me.

  4. I saw a funny meme yesterday. The title is “Looking at the map for some weekend travel ideas “, and shows a builder’s plan for a house.

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