A day of bungling

It is a rainy Saturday here in the central San Joaquin Valley. We need rain so that is a good thing. Bill the Cat, though, went outside and dug in the mud which meant his feet had to be cleaned when he wished to return to the house. It took both Terry and me to do this task. One to hold him, one to clean him.

The towels were filthy when we finished so that was one more load of laundry to do. I had already made an additional load to the laundry piles when I finished unloading the hamper and realized the liner bag did not smell very good. We have a tall wicker hamper that has been around for decades. The linen liner that came with it wore out pretty quickly but I was fortunate, one time when traveling, to find a very heavy duty bag/liner at Potterybarn. I took the liner out to be washed and Terry vacuumed the hamper.

Terry unloaded the dishwasher, run after breakfast, and broke a dinner plate in doing so. I made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and put the butter on the wrong side of the bread. Terry changed the sheets on our bed and when putting them in the washing machine, poured the detergent into the softner dispenser, not a new trick as I’ve done that before.

It’s been a day of cleaning up messes, changing things around, redoing what we had started. A day of bungling. But it’s okay as we have no demands on our time, no obligations to fulfill, no place to be. Even the yards must wait for us since it is raining.

Addendum:  Remember I wrote on Friday that if we had a motorhome we could take off for Yosemite? That got changed this morning when the park service closed the gates to Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks. Guess it’s a good thing we didn’t buy that motorhome.

9 responses to “A day of bungling

  1. Oh, my sympathies! Everything just seems to be kaddywompus these days. So many things turned inside out and upside down. You take it all with wonderful grace and entertain us in the process! And you’re rewarded by a closed national park!! Who knew!

    • I think closing the national parks was the smart thing to do. These are dramatic tourist attractions. Keeping people away is the best way to keep us from getting sick.

  2. Oahu is shutting down dine-in restaurants right now, as well as bars and nightclubs. Tourists are still insisting on crowding onto closed beaches though. All our COVID-19 cases were tourists and people who traveled out of state. No longer. We now have community transmission.

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I was just amazed to see the photos my friend was posting knowing that the mainland was locking down everything. It appears that the barn door may be locked too late on Oahu.

  3. I was appalled to see the college kids gamboling on the florida beach. Here, all is closedd down.

  4. Been there, did that, many times. The other day it seemed like all I did all day was clean up messes, one after the other.

  5. For someone who has been addicted to exercise, I am having trouble getting myself out and about each day. It’s almost noon, and I guess I’m now ready to go for that walk. Maybe, if I can let go of my laptop. 🙂

    • I’m trying to keep my morning routine on schedule. If it’s 8 o’clock, I should be doing my exercise. I had planned to go on a walk Sunday afternoon but decided to work in the yard instead.

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