Fourth Sunday in Lent

Who knew that we would be spending the fourth Sunday of Lent at home, not in church, when we started on this road to Jerusalem, to the crucifixion and resurrection, on Ash Wednesday way back in February? I remember one year, on Easter, my dad had pneumonia and we stayed home from church. It may have been the only Easter Sunday I ever missed until I was an adult. Even as a grownup, there have been few Easter seasons that I have missed church on Sundays, either the day of Easter or the Sundays leading to it.

Our church sent the order of service with links to the music that we would have sung. Terry sat in his chair and followed the prescribed order, beginning at 10 o’clock with prayer. I did chores around the house, praying as I went. I addressed Easter cards that I will send to the military members of our church. When Terry was reading the sermon, I was writing a letter to our grandson. I folded towels as I am now washing them more often. More laundry, that’s what I need.

When the service was finished, Terry poured himself a cup of coffee and had a cookie, just like coffee fellowship at church. He joked about the need to make another pot of coffee, something he is often called to do on Sundays when more people linger after the service. Why do I think that after this long period of confinement church attendance will swell on Sundays again?

In the afternoon Terry worked in the front yard, I took the backyard. We pruned, we swept, we raked. For some strange reason, there are a few pea plants growing under the pear tree. They may be from the dried peas I was feeding the squirrels who threw them out of the tree where I put the day’s rations. The plants are growing willy-nilly and needed to be staked. Terry cut up limbs he had pruned a month ago from the mulberry tree and as he did so, I took four and put them in the ground. We will see if the pea plants use them to grow upward.

I used the last few pieces of fruit and kale to make juice after we finished the yard chores. I’m a big believer now in juicing produce along with taking a daily probiotic. Our immune systems are healthy. Tuesday I will be back at Whole Foods replenishing the fruits and veggies.

4 responses to “Fourth Sunday in Lent

  1. I thought it was pretty neat that I could watch live streaming services from churches. Just the pastor and the organist, but it was cool. My own home church that I haven’t been to in 3 years–it made me feel good to be there without all the people, asking me questions and where had I been. 🙂

    • I find it sad that people would ask you where you have been rather than just taking delight that you are there now. I hope there are people from your church checking on you during this confinement period.

  2. Yes, this is definitely a different world than any of us imagined just a few weeks ago. How long will this go on? No way to know.

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