Shopping in the days of COVID-19

Your local stores may be doing the same as here in Fresno, opening early for the elderly and frail to shop in a relatively clean, well-stocked store. Since I usually shop on Tuesday mornings, I decided to make sure I was ready to leave even earlier this morning and make it to our local grocer during the “elder hours.”

I’m usually out of the house on Tuesday between 8:30 and 9 am as that is the normal time for places to open where I make a few stops–the library (now closed), the pharmacy/post office (opening a half hour later now but still providing wonderful service), and Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, or SaveMart (all still operational) depending on what I need in the way of groceries and supplies.

Unlike some shoppers, I only buy what I need or know we will be using in a short time. This morning I bought a box of Terry’s favorite cereal and a bag of his preferred tortilla chips just because the cereal was on sale and the chips had just been restocked. We are now well stocked on those items.

The stores have changed their bag policy–don’t bring your own, use theirs. Fine with me. It makes the clerks and baggers feel safer. I will store the paper bags for future use. There was lots of cleaning going on at my store this morning. Not a big crowd of shoppers but more than the usual early Tuesday morning  group. Shelves were fairly well stocked. The produce department had a huge variety of everything unlike last week when there were no potatoes or carrots. Still no paper products or eggs. No Log Cabin syrup. I had to buy large bags of tortillas if I was going to get tortillas. Fine. I’ll put some in the freezer.

Since I was able to buy carrots, I’m in the process of making bean soup. Before working on this post I started soaking the beans. The larder is full now. We certainly aren’t starving, for which I am very grateful. We are warm and safe with clean water and working toilets. Tomorrow Terry will have to replenish the cat food supply as those critters also need to be well fed.

8 responses to “Shopping in the days of COVID-19

  1. We tried the senior hours at Costco this morning and the line was wrapped around the building with NO social distancing so we left. We then went to our normal grocery store and while they had little to no cleaning or paper products, everything else seemed to be well stocked.

  2. We are not allowed to use our own bags here, either, but you can leave them in your cart and then transfer them to your bags in the parking lot. Strange times, indeed. Glad you are doing so well. When is dinner? 🙂

    • Dinner was roasted chicken, pilaf, and broccoli. I never found frozen organic broccoli which I prefer to keep on hand, but the fresh broccoli looked really good this morning.

  3. I’m always thinking of our parents and grandparents who lived through the depression. I ask myself how they lived through those times and think of the advantages we have in this time, even with the threat of the COVID-19 virus, we are still blessed.

    • Yes we are. Technology has sure changed our way of life, making it so much easier. I am grateful to be connected to others during this time of socially distancing.

  4. It’s handy to live alone, but I can’t remember the last time I had to be creative with what I happen to have on hand. I was due for a major stocking up before this all hit, so I stocked up for a 2-week isolation period about a month ago, and I still have plenty of food. I’m missing the fresh berries, though. I’ve stopped twice at the gas station store across the road to get bananas, but that’s it. I have no idea how the grocery stores are stocked these days. I feel incredibly lucky!!

    • Bananas at the gas station? That’s a new one. It is the fresh produce that keeps me hitting up the stores. Oh, and my husband drinks milk so that has to be bought on a regular basis.

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