Starting time

Sleep comes so easily. On Tuesday I sat on the couch, reading a book and nodding off. All afternoon. At 8:30 I was in bed, reading a different book, and nodding off. I gave up, put the book away and tucked myself into the nice warm covers and slept soundly all night.

It is cold here during the night (in the daytime, too, but we’ll save that for another post), and with daylight savings time in place, dark until almost 7 a.m. so the bed feels so good for far longer than it should. This morning, after that good night’s sleep, I woke up just past 6 so decided I must get back to a more regular schedule. Enough of this lying about during a forced lie-about.

I am washing our towels more often. Not quite as often as when Terry came home from open-heart surgery and the surgeon said, wash your towels after every use, but more often than my usual 5 days or so. I change the kitchen towels every day and the bathroom towels every three days. Adding more laundry, just what I need. The hamper was again full, mainly because we are wearing heavy knits because of the cold temperatures (oh, wait, I wasn’t going to write about that today) and changing clothes on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day if we go out into the germ-ridden public.

Because it’s cold (oops, there I go again), I like to use the oven every day. This morning I took out a roll of the frozen bread dough and started a batch of cinnamon rolls. Since I got an early start to the day, the rolls may just be done in time for lunch.

4 responses to “Starting time

  1. My “schedule” is nonexistent now, with everything closed. I made a decision today to start a new routine, with a brisk walk in there, a little stretching, and some yoga. If I do it every day, I’ll be a much happier person than grousing about all that I’m missing. 🙂

    • I gather you would go out EVERY day? In retirement I got used to being home, all day, for some days in a row. I especially like that in the summer time when the days are long and warm. In the winter I hate to go out some days because it’s so cold. So, I’m really not suffering from this forced shelter-in-place.

  2. We’re cold here too and I have to get to the mailbox today to mail our younger son’s birthday card. Hubby suggested we walk if the weather warms up. Right… so far, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen today. I also need to get to the grocery store for some specials that happen to coincide with my shopping list so will do the mailbox then. Take care and stay warm!

    • It has turned very cold here this afternoon. Lots of wind and big clouds but no rain, yet. Too cold to go for a walk. I’m very thankful for our warm home and hot foods.

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