I have been chuckling at some of the things people are suddenly looking for and buying. I wonder, when I read of their search and eventual purchase, if they don’t regularly stock these items or why suddenly they feel the need to have them.

Take yeast, for example. I guess it’s nonexistent right now from all the pleas I see for it. If you bake on a regular basis, you probably have yeast somewhere in your cupboard. I know I do, and I know this because I found a packet when I went poking through my large supply of spices. It’s been years, though, since I used yeast as I found I liked buying frozen bread dough to make my “yeasty” creations. On the flip side, if you don’t bake on a regular basis, why in the world would you start now with yeast breads? Maybe with being at home, people think they have lots of time to learn this skill.

Flour was another item that flew off the shelves the first week or so of this pandemic shut-down. Again, if you bake and cook on a regular basis, don’t you have flour? Perhaps even a variety? Someone asked about brown sugar, where they could find it. I always keep a couple of pounds of brown sugar on hand. Same with white sugar and washed raw sugar. I use them all on a regular basis for baking and cooking projects. I noticed, yesterday, that my cornstarch is getting low. Guess I will look for some when I shop the next time as it’s an essential for me.

The REAL essentials for me, though, are butter and bread. If I get down to one pound of butter, I know I have to stock up at the next shopping trip. Sure enough, last week I bought two pounds and this week, the shelf at Whole Foods was down to a few pounds of unsalted butter. I went right on by. I’m not too sure why we aren’t seeing more dairy products on the shelves as the dairy farmers here are crying about the lack of market for their milk. Get it to the store shelves and people will buy it!

I love good bread. Baguettes of french bread. Loaves of sliced sour dough bread. Raisin pecan bread. Sandwich rolls. Bagels. Biscuits. I make the biscuits myself, using Bisquick, so I guess that’s another essential baking product for me. Every time I grocery shop, I buy at least two kinds of bread. Yesterday, at Whole Foods, I chose a baguette and a loaf of raisin pecan.

A friend brought me a dozen eggs and I’ve used four to make a raisin pie. Because Whole Foods had a shelf of eggs, I bought another dozen and have plans to make a lemon meringue pie which will take five eggs. We’ll have pie for our Easter lunch. Maybe nothing else but pie.

10 responses to “Essentials

  1. All pie is good. Or all ice cream.

    • Pie, definitely pie. Ice cream is one thing I can live without. Not an essential for me, but for my husband. Which reminds me, I need to add ice cream to my shopping list.

  2. Whole Foods has the BEST bread! I especially enjoy the Seeduction and Cranberry Walnut.

  3. Ahhhh, you’re making me hungry! LOL Pecan-anything is top notch in my book!

  4. It will be a very different Easter holiday, but the essential meaning will not change, and that’s good for me to remember at this time in our collective lives. I also love bread and butter but don’t allow myself to indulge often. Stay safe and keep up the wonderful posts! 🙂

  5. Well you can make your own yeast as it lives in the air. As to baking bread, I only recently abandoned that as I so enjoyed it with my breadmaker which made it a breeze, but left it behind in the house when I moved.
    I just ordered a pecan cranberry loaf for the 1st time so I am keen to try it.


    • Making your own yeast sounds way too hard for me. I’ll let others bake my bread! My new oven has a proof setting that does a wonderful job of raising yeast dough. I use it to proof the cinnamon rolls I make with frozen bread dough. Today I made biscuits with Bisquick but thought about proofing them in the oven on that setting, but I just let them sit on the counter top until I was ready to bake them. If you go to my Instagram feed you can see the finished product.

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