The last I knew it was Monday

…so how did it get to be Friday so quickly, and why is three quarters of December gone?

There has been a lot going on around here, nothing big and splashy, but every day has been packed with so much to do that evening comes before it’s all done. I’ve been thrown a few curve balls, those things you don’t plan to happen, but they do anyway…a former student announced that her whole household, three generations, had COVID, brought in by the husband who is an essential worker. They are young and healthy, except for granddad who is the same age as me and who had open heart surgery the same time Terry had his. I packed up a care package and delivered it on one of the days when I had no where else to go.

The Ladies Who Zoom met one day, minus two. The missing women had health issues to attend to. The husband of one has a doctor in Los Angeles who he is seeing for a long-term illness. That’s a four hour trip, each way, but they are back home, safe and sound. The other one is still sick so another care package to go out.

Midweek I learned that two families of friends, not the friends themselves, but still, all had COVID so that upset their apple carts. I’m making treats to drop off later at the friends’ homes, just because. Also, midweek I learned that the chaplaincy office had finally moved and I was invited to come get more books for storytelling, see the new digs, and pick up a Christmas gift. There was the offer to have the gift delivered, but I wanted to see the new building and to get more books. There are only 12 out of the 40 school chaplains doing virtual storytelling right now, and we still cannot have our monthly meetings where we would normally receive our books. I felt safe going to the new building as there are few there and they are all masked, air purifiers are running, plus they use sanitizer by the gallon. It was wonderful to see the fellow who is in charge of the school program, a retired principal who has to be one of the smartest people I know in education. Although he and I could talk for hours, I stayed a short time and headed home.

After I returned home, a man came to our door with a bag of what appeared to be trash. He had found it while walking near his home, a few blocks away. In the bag were the two greeting cards I had put in the mailbox before going out. The envelopes were ripped open and the cards torn up. I assume the thief thought the cards might have money in them. Nope, but gorgeous cards to friends who live right here in Fresno. I was heartsick for the rest of the day. Looks like I will be taking all future outgoing mail directly to the post office, just another activity almost every day as I send a lot of cards and letters. Funny thing, I never put bills in the mail.

Here it is Friday. How did the week go so fast, and the bigger question, how come the weeks of my youth, when working, NEVER went this fast? I was always busy. There was always lots to do, but the days often seemed eternal, and weeks took a long time. Now, poof. The time is gone. Like right now, I sat down here to write this at 7:01, and it feels like about five minutes have passed, but I see it’s 7:19. Gotta go.

13 responses to “The last I knew it was Monday

  1. Time does seem to get away from us as we get older. I don’t know about you, but I’ve decided not to slow down until they lay me in the grave.

    • My hope is to be doing what I love the day I die. My father worked, irrigating his beloved cotton fields, the day he died. He finished up, came in, lay down and passed away. My sister had been Christmas shopping for her great grandchildren. She unloaded her car, took off her shoes, made a cup of coffee and slipped away. Neither knew what was coming, they just kept doing what they loved.

  2. Time flies! The older I get the faster it goes, too, I swear. So sorry about the mail being destroyed. We live in scary times for sure.

    • Yeah, the mail thing sure put me in a bad mood. We have heard of people having their mail stolen, but until now, it had not happened on our street. Times are hard, though.

  3. That is really sad about the cards being destroyed. It is a very uncertain and desperate world we live in today. I am hoping that next year will be better. I also wonder how in the world it got to be Friday already!

  4. I know what you mean about the days and weeks flying by.

  5. Time really does fly. I can hardly keep track. I can’t believe we’ll be starting a new years soon.
    Awful about your cards being stolen. What is wrong with people?

    • I can only guess that people are desperate. Although we live in a well to-do zip code, our little enclave of homes is on the poorer side. Seems to be the wrong area to be stealing from. Perhaps they think we are all elderly and have let down our guard, which, I guess you could say, I did. Complacency.

  6. We always call Thursdays “Groundhog Thursday” because it just seems to keep repeating itself over and over and time is flying.
    I’m so sorry about your mailbox incident. That is awful. I’ve heard of that happening and mail anything with a check at the post office also.

  7. So very sorry about your friends with COVID. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just a matter of time and the odds as to whether we get the virus or not. We do what we can to keep safe, but still, the numbers are frightening. And yes, my days end far too quickly too. I feel guilty when I spend the day reading and napping rather than sewing, yet Robert says I’m retired and free to spend my day any way I want. True, but still…

    • I am reading that by late summer we should all have been vaccinated, and like the flu, the COVID virus cases and deaths will fall to a manageable number. I can wait that long as it will pass in a blur, just like the previous seven months have done.

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