Undoing Christmas

Why do the items taken from the shelves not fit when being put back after Christmas? I cleared a number of shelves in the family room so as to put up festive Christmas displays as a backdrop for virtual storytelling that lead up to Christmas break. This morning, the day after Christmas, I was up early to take it all down, pack it away, and return the family room shelves to their usual configuration. Only when I started putting books back on one shelf, I found I could not fit some of the other items that had previously been there. New homes were found for various things.

As I put things back, both into drawers and cabinets, I started taking out what had been stashed away while the Christmas decor was on display. I realized some of the dolls that I keep in the family room did not appear to be put back where they normally live. It’s only been five weeks, how can I misplace these items? Since I was up early, while Terry slept in, to do this chore, I had not turned on lights in the guest room where I store many of my puppets, dolls, stuffed animals. When I went back, turned on the lights, and carefully looked in each drawer, I found the missing FridaKahlo and Monty Monkey. They are now back in their place.

All that is left to do is put the large containers with much of the decor in the back of the Subaru, take the wreath off the door and put it on top of those containers, and return it all to the storage unit a few miles away. Christmas is done for another year.

Addendum: Dropped off DVDs at the library (watched over Christmas week Olive Kittridge and Holiday Inn), put early January birthday cards in the post office mailbox, unloaded the Christmas containers into the storage unit, and home by 10. Saw 2 people while running those errands. I’m feeling pretty satisfied.

10 responses to “Undoing Christmas

  1. I’m glad you found your missing items, and that now you are ready to welcome in the new year, with everything back in place. Blessings to you and yours, Delaine! 🙂

  2. It is amazing how things can disappear when I know where I put them just a few minutes ago. I’m glad you found your items. I have a tradition of packing Christmas away on New Year’s Day but it seems that there is always one item that I forget to pack away, only to notice it several weeks into the New Year. Oh well….

    • I left some Christmas items here in a box in the hall closet. The little tree folds up in a box in the office closet. I usually use only a few things each year, but this one was so different due to broadcasting the storytelling from my family room. I want to think about items I can use on those shelves as we come back from winter break. It does not look like the schools will reopen any time soon. Maybe after spring break?

  3. Christmas here lasts till the 6th. We used to stretch the holiday out till G’s birthday, on the 26th, but we have shortened it to the 6th.

    • I taught with a woman who put her tree up at Halloween & took it down at Super Bowl Sunday. Then her husband’s parents died as did hers and they didn’t celebrate the holiday for years.

  4. Some years we keep the tree up until Ephiphany (on January 6th). Some years it comes down earlier than that, but ALWAYS after the first of the year.

  5. We take things down on Jan. 2nd. We enjoy the outdoor lighting and the few things I have set out for Christmas decorations don’t take up a lot of room. Thankfully, I didn’t have to take anything down in order to put Christmas up on display.

    • This morning, when I unloaded the dishwasher, I gathered up the Christmas mugs and put almost all of them back into the garage storage cabinet. Forgot to mention that I put my Christmas jewelry away in a box in my closet and Christmas towels are all being washed as I write and will be stored in the linen closet. You see, I have Christmas stuff stored all over this house as well as in the rented storage unit.

  6. Good job!! We took a few things down today. Tomorrow, I will tackle the tree and maybe the mantel. The outside wreaths will come down the day after New Year’s Day. Whew!

    • With Christmas put away, I’m beginning to think of what I can do in the new year. I would like to come up with some ideas for virtual storytelling so am heading out this week to a school supply store to see what they have in the way of virtual school stuff. If the Christmas stuff was still around it would only drag down my thinking.

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