New year, same old pandemic

It’s week 42 of the COVID pandemic. Nothing much has changed except the number of cases and deaths. Those are increasing exponentially because, even with stay-at-home orders and a 10 pm to 5 am curfew, people are just doing whatever they feel like. Here in Fresno we have had shootings at a regional mall, fatal car crashes, murders at parties, drive-by shootings, hit and run accidents, and the list goes on.

The big problem, there is no room in the hospitals for these victims as every space is filled with COVID patients, and the funeral homes have run out of room for bodies, bringing in cold storage trucks. I have been told by a former student that the largest crematorium in the area is running 24/7 to keep up.

The COVID virus has mutated to be more contagious but that seems to effect few people’s behavior. They just keep going and going. I stayed in during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weeks, knowing that there would be so many of these people who are determined to do as they please, continuing to spread the virus. I am hearing from more and more people who have the virus or have someone in their family with the virus. A few have lost loved ones. And yet, people won’t stay put.

This first week of the new year is the last week of winter break for our local schools. I have no obligations again this week, and I am grateful. I am hunkered down, here at home, with some good books I picked up at the library before Christmas. I will make plans for the storytelling that will resume in the second week of the year. I’ve been playing with my watercolor pencils again, trying to recharge the creative juices. Picture-taking and writing will still be in the mix, because even though it is a new year, those old habits are some of the best.

14 responses to “New year, same old pandemic

  1. Here number of cases have come down and people have started believing there is no virus at all and some even believe it is a fake. There are people who wear masks and those who don’t. We are being careful and taking care of our health. Take care.

  2. Where I live is like what you have said about your area. There are people that won’t wear a mask and seem to not care if they get the virus, or if others are exposed and get it. I am still staying at home just like I have been.

  3. Gosh it sounds like a nightmare, how worrisome but you are wise to stay home, no advantage to going out and risking your life!


    • I’m trying to remain at home as much as possible. Just going out in one’s car can be dangerous, though, as there are many who no longer believe they should follow basic traffic laws.

  4. I’m amazed at the number of people who think that the turning of the new year magically made things better.

    • Magical thinking seems to have been invented by the current national administration. Or, rather, it is a symptom of narcissism as I saw it in Terry’s mother. If you don’t acknowledge something, it doesn’t exist. If you want something to go a certain way, then you just say it and it will go that way.

  5. Our local hospital has 96% of its adult inpatient beds full. But I live in Texas where the majority think the rules don’t apply to them so no surprises there. My husband and I have had the first Moderna vaccination and will get the second in 3 more weeks.

  6. I sure wish I could get vaccinated, but I suspect it will be awhile. I see that only 85% of the vaccine here in our state has made it into arms. 😦

  7. I mean 85% has NOT made it into arms.

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