The last Monday in February

The last week of February. It will be busy. I have a list of errands, starting today with a hair appointment. Somehow I let six weeks slip by and my hair is shaggy and the roots are definitely showing. I need to keep better track of the weeks and get an appointment on the books before I get to looking too disreputable. No, I don’t have many places to go, but I do have four virtual storytelling sessions a week, and I really want to look good for those small children. I also have three Zoom sessions a month and I want to look good for those, too. It helps my whole frame of mind when I see my well coifed, made-up face looking back at me. Another pandemic lesson, think about how I look.

Speaking of virtual storytelling, I am planning the stories for the month of March, but holding those plans lightly as there may be a shift for students to return to the classroom. The virus numbers are dropping, but as of right now we are still in the highest level of risk, purple. There are predictions, though, it will change quickly as more vaccines are given, and fewer people are getting sick and spreading the virus. Small cohorts of students are heading back to the classrooms in our district today. These are the students who have unstable home life, are in need of special care, or cannot manage school work from home. About 20 students per school go back today and more in two weeks who want to return, along with about 400 teachers who have said they too would like to return. The school superintendent is working with the governor to get the school staffs vaccinated.

Terry and I do have vaccination appointments next month, and in looking at the calendar, we should be fully covered a week or so after Easter, if all goes accordingly. But, we aren’t counting our chickens just yet. Who knows what will happen between now and then. The deacons met on Sunday, via Zoom, and we discussed Easter plans. Many of the elderly members have been vaccinated and some have already returned to the sanctuary for Sunday services. There are those who continue to refuse to wear masks, though. I may return to the sanctuary once we get to the orange or, even better, the yellow tier.

For now, I’m quite content with continuing my pandemic lifestyle and watching the church service via YouTube. Our organist comes in on Saturday, when it’s safe, and plays all of the music for the following Sunday, recording it on the organ. On Sunday a member can just push a button on the organ and the music plays. The wonder of technology.

5 responses to “The last Monday in February

  1. We’ve had to find new ways of doing things and after the pandemic is over and done with, we may find some of those new ways better than the old and retain them!

  2. I have grown quite fond of doing my yoga classes here at home via Zoom and am in no hurry to return to the studio, where I feel it will not be safe for a while yet. 🙂

  3. Many of the organizations I am involved with are learning how to do ‘hybrid’ meetings, with some people there in-person and some on Zoom. Just like we all learned how to navigate online meetings, there will be another learning curve.

  4. We haven’t done zooming much. Our lives have certainly changed since last year and I’m wondering what and how we’ll be able to get back to our “normal” again.
    I’ll be getting my second shot next week…. I hope.
    My sister and brother-in-law will be getting their shots at Kaiser in California. They’re not Kaiser members, but Kaiser is now giving it to other people who qualify under your tiers.

    • How interesting that Kaiser is giving vaccine to non-Kaiser people. Especially since there has been such a shortage of vaccine here in California. It appears to be getting better, but…we will see how that works this week when larger shipments are SUPPOSED to arrive. If all goes well, Terry & I are scheduled next Friday with our medical provider for a drive-thru vaccination. Teachers and school staff are allowed to start getting vaccinated tomorrow here in Fresno County.

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