What makes you glad?

There was a rainstorm overnight. We desperately need rain so the pattering sound on the patio roof at 1 a.m. made me glad. There are many small things that make me glad. A really good mocha every morning. The sun coming up over the rooftops across the street (well, you can’t have that and rain). A FaceTime chat with our granddaughter who has made herself a hidey-hole in the closet which makes her glad. Really good books from the library, one after another since the first of the year. Discovering more children’s books that would be good to share with second graders next year. A decent, kind, well-spoken president in the White House.

So much to make me glad right now, knowing that with spring will come summer, my most favorite time of the year. Although it is cold, wet, and dark this morning as I’m writing this post, I know that warmer, drier, sunnier days are coming. The grownups are in charge again as we make our way through this pandemic, and they have a plan. Although, I worry about those who, like small children on a walk with their parents, want to run ahead and get into trouble, not listening to the voices warning them off of what lies ahead. Steer clear of those who think they know better than the medical and science people.

The next two weeks have that pre pandemic frenzied feel with lots of obligations and appointments. As I look at my calendar, I’m glad I’m still here to do these things and that I have chosen most of them, but a small voice is saying, “choose that which makes you glad, do that which gives you joy, jettison the rest.”

11 responses to “What makes you glad?

  1. I am glad I woke this morning to be able to enjoy all that will make me glad in this day.

  2. Yes, there is so much to be glad for, all those small things that make life precious.

  3. I am feeling glad and blessed these days, too. For all the good things you mentioned, and watching the flowers blossoms out everywhere. 🙂

  4. Right now, I’m so happy everyone in our household has had the two Pfizer shots and I’ve been able to make face to face appointments for the doctor, optometrist, and dentist for my husband and me. I’ve also made face to face appointments for blood tests, doctor, ophthalmologist for my mother. At last… And it’s sunny outside!

    • Terry and I have seen our dentist and our doctor throughout the pandemic. I’m heading to the optometrist next week as I have realized my latest pair of glasses (metal frames) have caused a skin allergy to flare up. I hate the thought of tossing the glasses as I really love the look, but I cannot handle the metal allergy so it’s back to plastic frames.

  5. I am so glad you wrote this as it echoes what I am feeling today, an enormous sense of gratitude for feeling safe and loved and regaining my energy.

    • …feeling safe…something I was thinking about last week as I stood in my kitchen, at the sink, looking out on the front yard. I gave thanks for the place and the feeling. I am so fortunate to have a safe place to land. I wish that for everyone, everywhere.

  6. I really like your sweep across so many varied “glads”! There was a microscopic feel to the beginning of your post, life in close-up. Then you pulled back and everything became more grand. Finally, you turned your lens toward the future. Well done!

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