We still need masks

Kay, out in Hawaii, posted today about making more masks. I attempted to leave a reply, realizing too late that I was typing on the wrong post, but I don’t think it will show up anyway because I did it on this, the new Mac, which doesn’t like Blogger and tries its best to keep me from communicating with any such blogger! Susie in Arizona is having trouble communicating with her bank, and I think it’s because her browser is out of date. I had that problem in 2020 when doing our income taxes. I knew then the old Mac was due for the dustbin. It could no longer be updated. It still has its usefulness, though, in that it doesn’t see anything wrong with letting me talk to Blogger blogs!

But, back to the mask conundrum of which Kay wrote. Masks aren’t going away any time soon. Too many people are not going to be vaccinated. We aren’t going to reach herd immunity any time soon. Therefore, the masks will continue to be needed. I have a variety of masks, many made by dear friends and former students. I have masks for certain tasks, like grocery shopping. I have masks that coordinate with certain outfits. Recently I bought two masks made of designer fabric to brighten up the look. I wear a mask once and it goes in the wash. Today there were five masks in the load of laundry I did. I can always use more.

My advice to Kay, keep sewing. Your fabrics and high quality will be appreciated by those to whom you gift your masks. We are probably going to do this long enough that our early masks will wear out and we will need replacements. Just like our computers and their operating systems.

13 responses to “We still need masks

  1. I actually have grown quite accustomed to wearing a mask, and I feel better when I have one up when in the company of others I don’t know. All of the hikers I go around with are fully vaccinated, but when carpooling or being together for awhile indoors, we wear our masks. Why not?

    • A grocery clerk told me she plans to keep wearing a mask because for the first time ever she didn’t get sick with a cold or flu this past winter. “It’s the healthiest I’ve ever been.” I think masks can keep us all healthier.

      • I was noticing the same thing. There are three of us in this household and not one cold was had this winter. No stomach virus, or anything else! I might get rude comments but I might keep wearing one when I shop. Where I live, more and more people are not wearing them at all anymore.

      • You’re in Idaho? Low vaccination numbers there, too. I would be very cautious.

  2. FWIW I’ve not had a problem commenting on Kay’s blog from my MAC. I do have a problem commenting on Gigi’s blog for which I blame WP as even if I try to use my Google account as I do here, it wont let me.

    Yes, I’ll keep using my masks though I’ve been vaccinated.

    • Old Mac is 11 years old and I didn’t update the operating system the last four years. Susie in Tucson write that she switched to Firefox when her old browser wouldn’t connect with her bank. I did that last year when doing taxes & the tax software wouldn’t work with the old Safari. New Mac won’t let me connect with some sites because they aren’t secure.

  3. Arlene whitehouse

    Because my iPad is old I can’t access a lot of my apps now just websites .apple wants you to have 13 or 14.and buy a new machine.i use mine until I can’t do anything on it.

    • I’m keeping old Mac plugged in (the battery no longer keeps the machine alive) and still use it for some of my blogging life. Right now, on a warm afternoon, I’m replying to your comment on my iPhone 12 mini, purchased a month ago when I put iPhone SE through the wash.

  4. Computers are evil, selfish machines, but we love them and what they can do for us. LOL My own PC is so out of date it’s pathetic but I’m not giving it up until dies on me.

    • Technology has made such a difference in this pandemic. I have always wanted the very top-line computer but that isn’t always financially feasible. I’m feeling pretty good right now with a fairly new MacBook Pro and iPhone. Of course, in another year there will be newer, greater and better.

  5. Wisewebwoman

    From all I have read from scientists and other experts our masks are here to stay.


  6. I wondered when someone from the USA would say “masks should be on/stay” – it’s still a lot different in New Zealand but masks on public transport and on cross country travel (mandatory) along with other places where it’s suggested. Not a lot of social distancing other than in some places with tables and/or chairs less of the objects or barriers on how far from another person.
    I also had less respiratory problems all of last winter (remember our season currently is coming up winter, yours is going into summer) – which was a first for me for years. Of course, I didn’t go out and about so much, and then in Sept, I got quite sick and hardly have done much until very recently…
    We have a c/19 tracker app and I’m diligent with it – even when I can’t get my hands to work the scanner part, I then sit somewhere and manually add what I was doing etc. The vaccine is here, but my “grouping” hasn’t come up for it yet…
    Take care everyone

  7. Oh my! Thank you for your kind words, Delaine. I have not been able to blog visit much lately because… yes… I’ve been making masks. BUT it’s my last batch. I’ve made about 400 to date. I’ve given them out this past month to doctors, nurses and other technicians we visited. It has been gratifying to see how happy and excited they are to receive them. The cardiologist told me I should sell them in their gift shop. That was cute. But no… I’m done for now.
    It’s really weird how my iPad does the same thing when I write a comment. The comments post on some blogs but every so often, it just disappears which is really annoying.

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