See the USA…

If you are of a certain age, you will remember a television commercial for Chevrolet vehicles that had a theme song, See the USA in your Chevrolet. Let me tell you about some shirts that are seeing the USA.

Do you track your shipments of online orders? Sometimes I do, but usually I just look at the date for delivery and expect the item to show up on that date. Recently a few glitches have made me more conscious of the promised date of delivery versus the actual date of delivery so I check on my orders. Two Target orders have given me pause to ponder, especially those forementioned shirts.

Our four-year old oscillating fan died a couple of weeks ago so Terry went online to Target and ordered its replacement. The promised delivery date came and went so I started tracking the fan. The first place I found it, a day after the promised delivery date, was South San Francisco. Okay, that’s three hours west from us. Maybe the next day delivery? No. A day later, when it wasn’t delivered, I checked again to find it had stayed overnight in South SF and then moved to Tracy, which is north of us, about two hours away. I have no idea what the fan did, but it must have had a good time as it was in Tracy for three days. Maybe it needed rest. Later Wednesday afternoon the FedEx driver delivered the box, a week after it was ordered.

All of this made me wonder about some polo shirts I ordered from Target. Where were they in their almost 10-day promised delivery date? Pennsylvania. Two stops in Pennsylvania–Lewisberry and Swatara. Made a stop in Toledo Ohio and then on to Illinois. The shirts must like Illinois. A couple of days wandering around–Chicago, Countryside, and Willowsbrook. And then began a long, boring drive across country with stops in, I’m not kidding because I looked all these places up on Google Maps, the middle of no where. Neosha Kansas which is a county. Vaughn New Mexico which is just a road way. Seligman Arizona, again just a wide open road. What did the shirts do in these places? They are brightly colored so maybe they got out and added some color to the landscape.

As of today, Thursday morning, the shirts are sitting in Bakersfield California, a two hour drive from Fresno. How long do you think it will be before they arrive at my door? Oh, they better have some good stories.

13 responses to “See the USA…

  1. westcoastauntie

    I’ve had ordering issues also….haven’t we all, I guess. I’m currently waiting on a jar of face cream that I’ve now learned is coming from GREECE! Doesn’t always pay to shop from amazon. It’s taken over a month, and is SUPPOSED to be here tomorrow. No tracking info. I also love it when items are “undeliverable” and they issue me a refund. What does undeliverable mean? Me, who gets a package a day from amazon! More like it, it is “item unavailable.” It would be nice to feel comfortable shopping in stores again.

    • I don’t shop Amazon. I’m not a great shopper but sure enjoy when I can order what I want from home without going into a a store. Like the bright colored polo shirts…I don’t know how many stores I would have gone to looking forward them. Ordering online is very convenient when I know what I’m looking for. At least the shirts haven’t done any foreign travel like your face cream.

  2. Oh yes, I do like to track orders as well as packages I send. I never know quite what to expect. Sometimes they come earlier than expected and sometimes a lot later.

    • I finished writing this post to find an email from Soma telling me my order had arrived. I only made the order two days ago. The package was sitting in my mailbox. Guess my new underwear didn’t get to travel around like the shirts.

  3. wow. I will have to track things I order. There must be a method to the madness, right?

    • I think it has to do with FedEx depots, but not too sure what their method is. At least the polo shirts didn’t get caught on the East Coast in the gas shortage.

  4. I rarely order anything, but I enjoyed hearing about your traveling packages.

    • The pandemic brought about much more online shopping than I had ever previously done. It’s really quite easy and keeps me out of physical stores where I tend to spend too much money.

  5. What a hoot!!! I love this. Thanks…

  6. This post arrived right at the time I’d been experiencing unusually messy arrival times for my orders. I do use Amazon a lot, and even their usually reliable 2-day delivery has been spotty at best. A package I was eager to receive from a friend in California was supposed to arrive on Day 4…I was blown away by the numbers of places it arrived at – and sat…It still “just” took a day longer than usual, but the trip itself was certainly a mystery.

    • There are many shortages out there, especially now with the gas pipeline being down and just getting back on line. That may keep some trucks from moving as quickly as we think they should.

  7. I have certainly noticed the problems with packages coming late or not at all. I use Amazon mostly, and the pandemic and the sheer volume must be making much of the delays, don’t you think?

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