A Saturday in June

It’s a gorgeous morning here in central California. Beautiful blue sky with no clouds. A cool breeze blowing through the sunshine and shadows. The air is even clean. Terry and I were both out early to work in the yards before the day’s heat will descend, later, after noon.

The first week of summer vacation has arrived with the advent of this sunny morning. Lots of warm (hot) days ahead of us. This next week promises temperatures over 100. We will need to do lots of watering, leading up to those wilting temperatures. I will run my errands and do my chores before noon each day.

School starts again August 12 for students. I’m sure teachers and staff will be there a few days in advance. Because of such an early start, I may begin my storytelling gig before Labor Day. We’ll see how the back-to-school days play out and what the teachers would like. That’s two months away with lots of time for summer relaxation.

6 responses to “A Saturday in June

  1. It seems like school always started after Labor Day when I was growing up. With the pandemic, everything is different these days. But early August seems too soon to me. 🙂

    • We usually start here 2 weeks before Labor Day because we want to finish the semester by winter break and take 3 weeks off for the holidays. Due to lost learning during the pandemic, we will start almost a week earlier and school days will be an extra 30 minutes each day in the fall semester.

  2. Hard to believe the school year is being planned already. Is “normal” upon us all?

    I see that today Canada is leading the world in vaccination rates. I am heartened to say the least!


    • When I was teaching, our department always took a couple of weeks off at the end of the year and then came back for a few days of planning for the next year while it was all fresh in our minds. We learned from our mistakes and did things differently the following year. We learned from our successes and said, “let’s do that again.”

  3. Summer school holidays here in NZ are when you are hunkered down for your White Winter Christmas (Or similar) – many people still do the Northern Hemisphere Christmas type fare but most people have a barbie at the beach…
    I don’t anything about the teaching profession here, I think a lot of teachers are back in their classrooms a week or two from when school resumes…

  4. In Illinois, we usually started the first week of September. Hawaii starts as early as California. I’m glad you’ll soon be back in the classroom again. The children will be so happy to see you.

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