I think I solved the problem

Safari is my browser of choice. I’ve used it on all of my Macs and it works well for me. Until…it doesn’t.

WordPress and Safari just don’t seem to get along. Those who read here on a regular basis have heard my complaints about being able to post comments to Blogger blogs. Often, you dear Readers, tell me that you cannot comment on my blog. Is it the browser or is it WordPress? Who knows.

For the past month, I just cannot make a post to my blog from my computer, instead using my phone. This morning I decided a new browser was in order so downloaded Firefox to the new Mac. The old Mac’s operating system is too outdated for Firefox.

Now I’m typing this post on my new computer, within Firefox browser. Will it keep working? Oh, who knows with computers and all of the different applications out there. Will I be able to make comments on your Blogger blogs? Who knows if that’s the browser, operating system, or just an ongoing feud with WordPress and Blogger.

It’s very hot here in Central California so I’m not in any mood to be fussing with computer stuff. Everything just needs to work as it’s expected to by me.

9 responses to “I think I solved the problem

  1. westcoastauntie

    Well….I can read your blog, and it looks like I can comment, for what it is worth! I hate dealing with technological stuff….I think my brain is too old for all but plug and go.
    It’s a beautiful morning in the PNW….so thankful it is cooler here than the rest of the country. Hoping you find a shady spot to relax in!

  2. It must be the heat — I was up and down last night, trying to get my computer to do a much-needed backup. This morning I’ve been searching out duplicate files/folders and deleting, deleting, deleting. Almost as bad as having to sort through stuff and pack!! LOL Stay cool and hopefully your computer will work for you.

  3. I saw the Fresno temperature record and hoped you were okay with it, since you don’t seem to mind hot days as much as I do. I often will change browsers when I run into a problem, and it helps most of the time. 🙂

    • I ran errands between 9 and 10 this morning. A small cafe nearby makes these wonderful heat and eeat meals for days like this. I won’t have to heat up my kitchen for us to have a lovely dinner tonight and tomorrow.

  4. I’ve been using Firefox for years on both Windows and Mac computers with no problems.

  5. I hope you have no more issues. I use Firefox and have for many years. I hope it serves you as well as it has me. For me there have never been issues with the browser.

  6. It’s my new phone that is having issues – particularly with downloading photos to my laptop. But that’s okay, I do have an actual camera – used it the other day, and it didn’t have any issues with transfer of pictures.

    Have now added the w/press app to the phone, but that’s a bit tiresome due to the size of the window and the tiny keyboard…

    Sometimes I wish I had been one of those young things in the early days of computers who had knowledge including how to build a computer from scratch, used alternative software and somehow stayed ahead of this new world…

    • Staying ahead of the new world war takes far more brain power and curiosity than I have ever had! My husband stays up to date better than I do but even he had some trouble getting Firefox to open in my new Mac as there have been recent changes in the visual aspect of the interface. I taught high school students how to use the computer but never the programming details. I’ve always been more interested in application. As for photos, that’s what I live about the Cloud. Every photo I take or upload goes to all my devices.

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