Move your body; move your brain

When we moved into this house, almost 41 years ago, the front yard had a sprinkler system in a lawn and flower beds and the backyard was covered with river rock. The front yard’s sprinkler system still works for which I give thanks every time I turn the wand and the water sprays up and out. Because we have not changed the front yard in all these years, the sprinklers function just fine.

The yard area on the south side of the driveway, however, does not have a working system as the pipes originally came from the backyard and that system was covered over with concrete for a patio off of the family room. Terry hand waters that strip of yard three times a week during the very hot summers. It gives him a chance to listen to podcasts, spend time with the cats, and just be outside, enjoying the yard.

The backyard is another matter. We hauled out the river rock, planted trees and shrubs, scattered grass seed as well as putting in a simple sprinkler system. That system no longer functions as one of the trees we planted has grown so large that it blocks the sprinkler and there is now a garden bench, built by our son-in-law, where another sprinkler head sits. None of that has stopped the watering, though. The backyard is extremely shady but it still needs lots of water to keep everything green and lush. Remember, we have an average of 36 days a year over 100 degrees. This year, we have already reached that average number.

I have a hose and a sprinkler that I am always moving from place to place, making sure all the corners of the yard gets the water it needs. This movement keeps me from sitting too long. I am up and moving on the mornings we can water. I go in and out, taking care of the sprinkler as well as just enjoying standing under the trees, usually praying. This is the space where God speaks to me.

The book I am currently reading, Keep Sharp by Sanjay Gupta, MD, encourages exercise and nutrition to keep brains healthy and functioning. Some of the book is about dementia, and that dementia becomes worse with less movement. When I go out to water the yards, I often have to think about how I am going to place the sprinkler to get the water into all the areas that need it. My little mantra: move your body, move your brain.

7 responses to “Move your body; move your brain

  1. Exercise is fine no matter what. I hear you about dementia. LOL. But, it is just nice to see your plants grow and bring so much beauty to your life. I love plants.

  2. Here so many have let their grass and flowers die.

    • Life is severe enough without that. We need vegetation around us for many reasons. It keeps our houses cooler, too. The people next door cut down a shrub that was overgrown and under watered but it shaded a wall of our garage. What a difference it’s made in the temperature of the garage. I just want people to care for their yards.

  3. We have to get the physical and mental exercise whereever and whenever we can!

  4. I am also addicted to exercise, but it becomes hard to do when it’s so hot outside that I feel dizzy much of the time. I will look into getting that book, it sounds good and I like the author.

  5. We actually received a little rain today — most unusual this time of year and but welcome in this drought.

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