You gotta keep moving to keep moving

I’m pretty sure I have written a previous post with a similar title, but these past couple of weeks reminded me just how crucial it is to keep moving. Especially at my age.

During the week of house retrofit, we were up early and getting things ready for the crew to arrive around 8 o’clock every morning. The fellas took over the house and all of our usual routine was kaput. Whatever hadn’t been done by 8 a.m. didn’t get done. That was the case with my exercises that I do on the floor.

Then I was busy with preparing for a memorial luncheon at church. Again, up and out early to get it all done. No exercise, except I did walk 9000 steps the day of the luncheon. I was tired by the time I got home and sat down. On the couch, not the floor.

Finally, on Friday, five days without my usual exercise, I was busy cleaning up from the retrofit work which included orange oiling cabinets in the living room as well as kitchen and baths. Lots of squatting, standing, squatting, standing. That’s when it hit me. I hadn’t done any squatting, what with no exercise routine. Oye, it hurt to get up from those squats in front of the cabinets.

On Saturday I made a point of doing my exercises before any other work in the house. Down on the floor for the sciatica and stenosis therapies. Then up from the floor. That’s when I remembered being told that when you stop getting down and up from the floor, you are in trouble. Sure enough, I could understand why cleaning the cabinet doors was so hard.

I have made every effort to do those exercises this past week. My goal is to have them done by 8 a.m. Because, you know, you gotta keep getting down and up, squatting and lifting, otherwise you won’t.

4 responses to “You gotta keep moving to keep moving

  1. I totally agree. I don’t miss my exercises, which only take about ten minutes in the morning, and I have been doing them now for about a decade. It really does help keep me moving. Glad to hear you’re back to doing yours, too. 🙂

    • Being able to squat and clean cabinet doors or be able to squat at the grocery store and get items from the bottom shelf. All things I take for granted but it’s because of the regular exercise. Missing one day might not make a difference, but missing four or five is just too much.

  2. Because of various commitments I’ve been bad about doing my exercises the past few weeks…and it shows.

    • I don’t notice a difference in my appearance but I sure notice my ability to do things if I don’t keep up that regular routine. When I fell at the dentist office, the staff was pretty amazed at how fast I was able to get up without assistance. But I get up and down from the floor a couple of times a day so it didn’t seem that difficult. I was just so shocked that I had fallen.

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